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These are small jobs that are designed to treat local areas with a road safety hazard. They types of works vary as they are site specific to the hazards found at that location. Low cost remedial works can be broken down into three categories listed below.

NRA Low Cost Remedial works.

These schemes are funded by the National Roads Authority to address locations on National Roads with a treatable problem and a proven accident history. Kildare County Council makes an annual application to the NRA for this funding. As part of the application evidence must be provided to illustrate the nature of the problem and the accident history.

DoEHLG Low Cost Remedial Works.

These schemes are funded by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government to address locations on Non National Roads with a treatable problem and a proven accident history. 

Own Resources.

These monies made available from the County Council’s own resources to treat localised problems where there is a clear identified hazard. These are usually schemes that would not normally qualify for NRA or DoEHLG funding. The schemes can be located on either National or Non National Roads.