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School Wardens are probably better known as, or referred to by school goers as 'Lollipop Lady's' or 'Lollipop men'. Kildare County Council currently employs 28 School Wardens throughout the county with a limited number of additional relief school wardens. The role of the School Warden is to ensure the safe crossing of school children at or in the vicinity of schools at opening and closing times of schools.

A school warden is employed by the Local Authority to operate a primary schools. School Wardens do not operate at Second level schools or higher.

The road safety officer has overall responsibility for school wardens in county Kildare. A school warden is recognised by the bright yellow and red coloured Hi visibility coat and the Stop Sign that they carry.

Wardnes are empowered under the Roads Traffic Act to stop and hold traffic during times of operation in order to allow school children cross the road safely. Any driver who fails to stop for a school warden, while operating on a school crossing is liable to recieve one penalty point.