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Standpipe Licence Application Information

Kildare County Council Water Bye-laws 2007, section 4.1.8 which came into force on the 1st June 2007; stipulates that ‘ a standpipe licence shall be obtained from the Council prior to access, use or draw-off from a fire hydrant.  Any person requiring a licence shall complete the appropriate application form and pay to Irish Water the licence fee of such amount as Irish Water considers reasonable and comply with the conditions specified in the licence.’  


It should also be noted that Section 53 of the 2007 Act prohibits unauthorised taking or wilful wastage of supplies.  Also, Section 55(1) prohibits connection of a premises to a water supply, or otherwise taking a supply (e.g. through connection to a standpipe) without agreement of the water services provider.


Under the 2007 Act the penalty for non-compliance is up to €5,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 3 months.


The licence is valid for the administrative area of Kildare County Council only and a separate licence is required for all vehicles operating within area at any given time.  Additional licences can be issued as required, valid from the date of application.  A windscreen disc will be issued and must be displayed whilst accessing the public water supply.


The attached application form should be completed and returned to Kildare County Council. An invoice will be issued to the applicant by Irish Water.

On payment of the required fee to Irish Water, a hydrant standpipe licence will be issued by Kildare Council.


The Licence fee shall be reviewed annually. Current Fees are as follows:  


Licence valid for one month € 80
Licence valid for twelve months € 600

Hydrant Standpipe Licence Application

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