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Application for Grant to set up a New Group Water Scheme.

The minimum number of houses required to set up a Group Water Scheme is "two".

Through grants available under this programme, a supply of potable drinking water has been brought to many areas of rural Kildare. The most important issue for those thinking of forming a Group Water Scheme, is to remember that, vital to the success of the scheme, is Community-based energy and action. Kildare Co. Council acts as a mediary between the Scheme and the Contractor who constructs the scheme, and also organises payment of grants to the scheme, based on invoices submitted from the Scheme Engineer and approved by the Council Engineer, subject to the satisfaction of the quality of works carried out by the Contractor.

Grant available.

The Grant available from the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government is as follows:

85% of total costs up to a maximum grant payment of €7,650 per domestic connection.

The members of the Group Scheme must pay a 15% contribution and monies collected from the members should be lodged to the Group Scheme Bank Account ready to meet costs as they fall due.

How to apply to set up a Group Water Scheme.

  • Road Opening Licence
  • Water permit
  • Contractors insurances
  • Bond
  1. Once the above are in place, the scheme can go to construction.
  2. Grant payments are made to the scheme on receipt of invoices from the Group Engineer who is responsible for certifying same. The Council engineer also checks the invoices to ensure adherence to terms of contract etc. and certifies payment.
  3. On completion of the scheme and following submission of final invoices, the Council Engineer will carry out a Final Inspection of the scheme to ensure it meets the required standards. If this is the case the final account is paid to the Contractor.
  • GW1 survey sheet - must be completed by all prospective participative members in the Group Scheme. This must be accompanied by a Site Location Map, indicating the proposed line of the scheme and also indicating the location of each individual residence, which intends to connect to the scheme.

    GW3 - Conditions of Group Water Schemes is also forwarded to you to assist you in forming your Group Scheme.

    At this stage, it is necessary for you to indicate the proposed source for the scheme, i.e. public mains, sinking a well or another group scheme.

  • On receipt of the above, Kildare Co. Council will forward your proposal to the Waterworks Department to obtain Source Approval.
  • Having received Source Approval, the next stage is for the scheme to submit detailed Designs for the scheme. At this stage, the Group will need to employ their own Engineer who will construct these drawings. The designs are then inspected by Kildare Co. Council engineers and on their approval, and on instructions from the Council you will proceed to Tender Stage.
  • It is now necessary for the scheme to open a Bank Account in the name of the Group – i.e. the Kildare Group Water Scheme – etc. and set itself up as a Limited Company with the trustees as named signatories on the account. Bank Account details must be forwarded to Kildare Co. Council to facilitate the payment of grants to the scheme.
  • Your Group engineer will handle the tender process for you. We usually request submission of 5/6 tenders.
  • On receipt of tenders, Kildare Co. Council will recommend to you the Contractor to construct your scheme, based on tender submissions.the following items must be in place:
  • Prior to Construction

Group Water Scheme General Information - GW3

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Taking a Group Water Scheme in Charge

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Application for Grant to upgrade a Group Water Supply scheme

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Rules for Operation of Group Water Schemes -Form GW31

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