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KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 Making Kildare the Place to Live Learn Work Visit and Do Business M4 M4 M9 M7 M7 N7 M4 Leixlip Athgarvan Derrinturn Newbridge Maynooth Rathangan Monasterevin Kildare Naas Kill Sallins Athy Kilcock Prosperous Clane Celbridge Castledermot Kilcullen R414 R415 R416 R415 R403 R410 R411 R411 R413 R412 R415 N78 R415 R418 R428 R448 R448 R418 R448 R448 River Liffey Grand Canal Grand Canal Grand Canal Grand Canal River Liffey River Barrow Royal Canal R417 R417 R417 R448 R448 R418 R418 R445 R402 R402 R148 R148 R148 R401 R407 R403 R414 R401 N81 N81 N81 N78 Carlow Laois Offaly Meath Wicklow Dublin KEY Motorway National Primary Roads National Secondary Roads Regional Roads Rail Line River Canal KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 Cllr Fiona OLoughlin Mayor of Kildare Peter Carey Chief Executive The measures outlined in the Governments Action Programme for Effective Local Government Putting People First which have been given legal effect by the Local Government Reform Act 2014 provide for the most far-reaching changes in Irish local government since the current system was established in 1898. These changes encompass all aspects of local government structures functions governance operational efficiency and funding arrangements. The provisions of the 2014 Act add important new functions to the range of powers of the elected members including the adoption of the local economic and community plan and additional provisions in relation to financial and performance oversight arrangements. Local government has been given important roles in local enterprise support through the Local Enterprise Office and social inclusion and rural development with the creation of local community development committees. The reforms now implemented will contribute towards realising the vision for local government as set out in Putting People First To be the main vehicle of governance and public service at local level leading economic social and community development delivering efficient and good value services and representing citizens and communities as effectively and accountably as possible. The population of County Kildare has grown rapidly over the past twenty years or so and currently is in excess of 210000 persons. The delivery of essential local services and social infrastructure in a complex and ever changing environment is a major challenge. Kildare County Council collaborates with Government Departments State and semi-state agencies local business and community interests in providing a wide range of public services and in realising the vision of Making Kildare the place to live learn work visit and do business. The Corporate Plan serves as Kildare County Councils strategic framework for action during the lifetime of the Council. This plan is one of a number of documents setting out the aims and principles that will inform and guide the activities of the Council over the period 2014-2019. FOREWORD 1 The delivery of essential local services and social infrastructure in a complex and ever changing environment is a major challenge. LEIXLIP MAYNOOTH CASTLEDERMOT CURRAGH KILCOCK COILL DUBH BALLITORE NEWBRIDGE CELBRIDGE MONASTEREVIN RATHANGAN KILCULLEN CLANE NAAS BALLYMORE EUSTACE KILDARE ATHY Action South Kildare Co. Wicklow Co. Carlow Co. Laois Co. Offaly Co. Dublin North West Kildare North Offaly Area Partnership The functions of a local authority as set out in law are To provide a forum for the democratic representation of the local community .... and to provide civic leadership for that community. To carry out such functions as may at any material time stand conferred on the local authority .... To carry out any ancillary functions .... and To take such action as it considers necessary or desirable to promote the community interest. Local Government Act 2001 Section 63 Subject to law the functions of a local authority shall be performed the elected council including the municipal district members in respect of each municipal district .. Local Government Reform Act 2014 Section 21 KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 Foundations 2 Citizens Elect Councillors to Kildare County Council Kildare County Council Local Enterprise Office Local Community Development Committee Councillors Determine Policy Corporate Policy GroupMunicipal Districts .Athy .Celbridge-Leixlip .Kildare-Newbridge .Maynooth .Naas . Strategic Policy Committees .Economic Development Enterprise and Planning .Transportation Safety and Emergency Services .Housing .Local Community and Cultural .Environmental Services and Water Service Areas .Housing .Planning Community and Culture .Water Services and Environment .Roads Transportation and Public Safety .Economic Development Enterprise and Corporate Services Delivery of Service to Citizen Support Structure .Finance .Internal Audit .Human Resources .Information Technology .Architectural Services .Health and Safety Chief Executive Implements Policy Local Government in Context 3 KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 Municipal Districts The introduction of the Local Government Reform Act 2014 and the roll out of the Governments reform agenda Putting People First has introduced an important new dynamic to local government Municipal Districts. The abolition of town councils Athy Naas Leixlip and Newbridge during 2014 and increased membership of the county council brought about the establishment of municipal districts. Kildare County Council has 40 members elected to five municipal districts as follows Athy - 6 members Celbridge-Leixlip - 7 members Kildare-Newbridge - 9 members Maynooth - 9 members Naas - 9 members Democratic Mandate and Policy Making 4 While some reserved functions of members remain to be carried out at full council the Local Government Reform Act 2014 has significantly enhanced the role of elected members at municipal district level. Functions carried out by municipal district members do not require ratification by full council. Each year a draft budgetary plan will be prepared for each municipal district which will subsequently be adopted as part of the overall budget for the local authority. On an annual basis each municipal district must agree a schedule of works for the coming year. Corporate Policy Group The work of the strategic policy committees is co-ordinated through the corporate policy group with membership comprising the Mayor of the county council Chairperson of each SPC A member from any municipal district which does not have representation on the CPG. The CPG acts as a link between the SPCs and full council and provides a forum where policy positions affecting the whole council can be agreed for submission to full council. 5 Strategic Policy Committees Kildare County Council approved a Strategic Policy Committee Scheme 2014-2019 on 26 November 2014. Kildare County Council has five Strategic Policy Committees SPCs Economic Development Enterprise and Planning Transportation Safety and Emergency Services Environmental Services and Water Housing Local Community and Cultural The membership of SPCs is made up of elected Councillors and representatives of the social partners and sectoral interests. Each SPC is chaired by an elected Councillor and is supported by a Director of Service. The role of each SPC is to formulate develop and review policies for their respective areas of responsibility. The Council will remain the decision making authority and it is the task of the SPCs to advise and assist the Council in its work. Councillor Aoife Breslin The Labour Party Councillor Thomas Redmond Sinn Fin Councillor Mark Dalton Non-Party Councillor Mark Wall The Labour Party Councillor Ivan Keatley Fine Gael Councillor Martin Miley Jnr Fianna Fil KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 Athy Municipal District 6 M4 M4 M9 M7 M7 N7 M4 Leixlip Athgarvan Derrinturn Newbridge Maynooth Rathangan Monasterevin Kildare Naas Kill Sallins Athy Kilcock Prosperous Clane Celbridge Castledermot Kilcullen R403 R448 R448 Councillor Kevin Byrne The Labour Party Councillor Joe Neville Fine Gael Councillor Bernard Caldwell Non-Party Councillor Frank ORourke Fianna Fil Councillor de Cussen Sinn Fin Councillor Brendan Young Non-Party Councillor Anthony Larkin Non-Party Celbridge-Leixlip Municipal District 7 M4 M4 M9 M7 M7 N7 M4 Leixlip Athgarvan Derrinturn Newbridge Maynooth Rathangan Monasterevin Kildare Naas Kill Sallins Athy Kilcock Prosperous Clane Celbridge Castledermot Kilcullen R403 R448 R448 Councillor Willie Crowley Non-Party Councillor Fiona McLoughlin-Healy Fine Gael Councillor Mark Stafford Fine Gael Councillor Suzanne Doyle Fianna Fil Councillor Fiona OLoughlin Fianna Fil Councillor Paddy Kennedy Non-Party Councillor Joanne Pender Non-Party Councillor Mark Lynch Sinn Fin Councillor Sean Power Fianna Fil KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District 8 M4 M4 M9 M7 M7 N7 M4 Leixlip Athgarvan Derrinturn Newbridge Maynooth Rathangan Monasterevin Kildare Naas Kill Sallins Athy Kilcock Prosperous Clane Celbridge Castledermot Kilcullen R403 R448 R448 Councillor Rada Cronin Sinn Fin Councillor John McGinley The Labour Party Councillor Brendan Weld Fine Gael Councillor Tim Durkan Fine Gael Councillor Teresa Murray Non-Party Councillor Daragh Fitzpatrick Fianna Fil Councillor Naoise Cearil Fianna Fil Councillor Pdraig McEvoy Non-Party Councillor Paul Ward Fianna Fil Maynooth Municipal District 9 M4 M4 M9 M7 M7 N7 M4 Leixlip Athgarvan Derrinturn Newbridge Maynooth Rathangan Monasterevin Kildare Naas Kill Sallins Athy Kilcock Prosperous Clane Celbridge Castledermot Kilcullen R403 R448 R448 Councillor Darren Scully Fine Gael Councillor Anne Breen The Labour Party Councillor James Lawless Fianna Fil Councillor Fintan Brett Fine Gael Councillor Seamie Moore Non-Party Councillor Deborah Callaghan Fianna Fil Councillor Sorcha ONeill Sinn Fin Councillor Billy Hillis Fine Gael Councillor Robert Power Fianna Fil KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 Naas Municipal District 10 M4 M4 M9 M7 M7 N7 M4 Leixlip Athgarvan Derrinturn Newbridge Maynooth Rathangan Monasterevin Kildare Naas Kill Sallins Athy Kilcock Prosperous Clane Celbridge Castledermot Kilcullen R403 R448 R448 Our approach A key function of a local authority is to provide a democratic forum for the community. The local authority is also tasked with making decisions on behalf of that community. Our actions will reflect the views and needs of the public which will be influenced by the demographics of the county and underpinned by good information on what we do and why we do it. The establishment of the Local Community Development Committee LCDC together with the introduction of the Public Participation Network PPN will be fundamental to service provision for individual citizens businesses and local communities. The fact that Kildare continues to be one of the fastest growing counties in the country with the population increasing by almost 9 between the 2006 and 2011 census with one of the youngest populations in the country is a challenge that we will meet through public participation and community interaction. Coping with economic change and population growth requires us to constantly seek new and innovative ways to give effective courteous and efficient service to the community and this will be a key focus area in the coming years particularly having regard to the local government reform programme Putting People First. The introduction of the Local Government Reform Act 2014 will see significant change in local government in the coming years. Already we have seen the introduction of municipal districts following the abolition of town councils resulting in an increase in the number of elected members to Kildare County Council from 25 to 40. We are answerable to the community through our elected councillors. The incorporation of the Local Enterprise Office LEO firmly within the local authority structure has been a very positive outcome of the reform programme. Economic development is a key issue for our county and is at the forefront of our strategies and plans for the future. We have a special responsibility to protect the best of the countys physical natural environment and cultural characteristics and to ensure that everyone in our community benefits in terms of economic and social wellbeing. We have a special duty to ensure that those who are not well-resourced can have their say and achieve an adequate quality of life. Public information and consultation is fundamental to our work and our actions will always be open to independent judgement by the people of the county and by government and regulatory agencies at national level. Where we fit in 11 KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 The population of the county went into decline between 1841 and the end of the nineteenth century. From the early twentieth century the population of the county remained relatively static for nearly eighty years as can be seen from the graph below. From the late 1970s the population of the county increased consistently year on year. Some key facts from the changing demographics of the county 1 Population forecast for 20222 254640 Total population as per 2011 census 210312 Percentage of population at work 82.1 Average annual increase in population 2006-2011 4795 Percentage of lone parent families 21 Percentage of population under 18 28.3 Percentage of non-Irish nationals living in county 11.8 The projected growth in population combined with the emerging cultural diversity and high percentage of young people in the county will offer significant opportunities and challenges for the delivery of services and to maintaining social inclusion. 1 based on data from the 2011 census . 2 RPG population guidelines revised population figures are expected during the lifetime of this Plan. 1841 0 50000 100.000 150000 200000 250000 Co. Kildare Population Change 1841-2011 1861 1881 1901 1926 1946 1956 1966 1979 1986 1996 2002 2006 2011 Changing Demographics 12 The population of County Kildare has grown rapidly over the past twenty years or so and currently is in excess of 210000 persons. 13 KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 The operating environment in which a local authority works is dynamic and ever-changing and is influenced by a number of factors both external and internal. Funding and compliance requirements of the European Union under EU Directives together with national policies and funding programmes play a significant role in influencing our operating environment. Since 1 January 2015 Kildare is part of the Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly which plays an important role in promoting and supporting balanced regional development. There is also a relationship and inter-dependency between local authorities concerning regional issues. Kildare County Council has a staff of circa 900 carrying out a wide range of functions and providing services to the citizens of this county in conjunction with a wide range of Government Departments and State Agencies together with partners in the community voluntary and business sectors. The impact of the reduction in both financial and human resources to the organisation in recent years is reflected in the programmes and activities included in this Plan. Significant efficiencies have been achieved in the organisation in recent years to reflect the changing economic and social climate in which we operate. Efficiencies will continue to be achieved through a best practice approach over the lifetime of this Plan. Kildares close proximity to Dublin provides the county with many economic and infrastructural opportunities and has many key strategic and competitive advantages. The population growth experienced in the county has impacted on the ability of basic services and supports to respond to demand. For example Kildare experiences the lowest level of basic service nationally across a range of services. Kildares proximity to the capital is a key consideration for future planning service delivery and sustainability. The key principles of the Action Programme for Effective Local Government Putting People First are embodied in this Plan operational efficiency of this organisation married with representational effectiveness and accountability of our elected members. Both the external and internal operating environment will continue to shape and influence the allocation and prioritisation of resources and the strategic direction of this local authority throughout the term of the Corporate Plan. Local government will lead economic social and community development locally. It will be the main vehicle of governance and public service at local level deliver efficient and good value services and represent citizens and communities as effectively and accountably as possible. Action Programme for Effective Local Government Putting People First Appendix 1 of this Plan sets out the main service areas by sector. Operating Environment 14 Context The Local Government Reform Act 2014 provided for the establishment of Local Community Development Committees LCDC in the 31 local authority areas. LCDCs replace County Development Boards and while retaining the collaborative nature of CDBs have an enhanced role and different structure. Role LCDCs have a key function to achieve a more strategic joined up approach to local and community development. LCDC will have oversight and responsibility for local development and community related funding in the county. Each LCDC will develop a six year Local Economic and Community Plan LECP in 2015. This plan will agree the strategic framework for economic and community development for the county. Structure LCDCs are based on membership from statutory and non- statutory bodies who hold the majority of seats. Administrative and secretariat support is provided by the local authority. County Kildare LCDC is based on a nineteen member committee. Local Community Development Committee LCDC 15 It will inform community and local development resource allocation and inform other planning processes. The community element of the plan will be prepared by the LCDC with the economic element prepared by the Strategic Policy Committee for Economic Development Enterprise and Planning. There is a requirement that both elements are prepared concurrently and form the basis for one overall LECP. SOCIAL INCLUSION ACTIVATION PROGRAMME SICAP LOCAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE LCDC LOCAL ECONOMIC COMMUNITY PLAN LECP PUBLIC PARTICIPATION NETWORK PPN RURAL DEVELOPMENT LEADER 16 Local Democracy To encourage and facilitate greater community involvement while recognising and respecting the democratic mandate of the directly elected members. Customer Service To provide efficient services and to give all staff the necessary skills to deal with the public in a courteous and friendly manner noting our special role to protect respect and fulfil human rights. Sustainability To ensure that the county develops in a manner which does not compromise the quality of life or economic prospects of future generations. Social Inclusion and Community Development To work to meet the needs of the citizens of the county without regard to social status ethnicity nationality religion age or ability while giving priority to vulnerable individuals or groups. Efficiency and Accountability To improve efficiency and to build a culture of accountability among staff. . The focus of Kildare County Council is the delivery of improved services and enhanced local democracy. All our activities and interactions with the citizens of Kildare will be grounded on the following core values. Core Values 17 KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 1. Support and enhance local democracy 2. Facilitate and encourage sustainable economic growth and employment. 3. Develop and grow Kildares social and physical infrastructure. 4. Improve efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of services. 5. Promote and develop Kildare as a place to live learn work visit and do business. Kildare County Council will endeavour to deliver a high quality of service in all areas of activity. An ongoing systematic control and review process will be used to monitor progress and manage resources. Kildare County Council will focus on the following key strategic objectives Key Strategic Objectives 18 19 KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 1.6 To ensure that the councillors are provided with timely information advice and training to carry out their role as public representatives. 1.7 To continue to work with existing community residents associations and support the development of new residents associations. 1.8 To continue to focus on social inclusion as a means of tackling poverty and disadvantage. 1.9 To develop the community leadership role of the council through the Local Community Development Committee LCDC and Public Participation Network PPN. 1.10 To continue to maximise tenant involvement in home improvement estate development and community development. 1.11 To provide countywide access to library facilities and opportunities for all to engage with the Arts. 1.12 To continue to work to increase the delivery of services on an outreach basis as resources allow. 1.1 To recognise that local democracy has placed Councillors at the heart of the local authority as accountable public service providers. 1.2 To work to enhance community participation and active citizenship through capacity building and training in conjunction with the Public Participation Network PPN. 1.3 To promote consultation and communication through partnership with employees and citizens. 1.4 To work to improve the accuracy of the electoral register and to explore the use of focused public information programmes and new technologies to improve participation in the electoral process. 1.5 To support the work of Strategic Policy Committees. 1. To support and enhance local democracy 20 1.13 To continue to support the work of Comhairle na ng under the national policy framework for children and young people Better Outcomes Brighter Future 2014-2020. 1.14 To develop a more inclusive and inter-cultural society in the county through the implementation of the Co Kildare Integration Strategy 2014-2019. To promote consultation and communication through partnership with employees and citizens. 21 KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 2.1 To strive to minimise the impact on the environment from all our activities through energy conservation and reduced carbon emissions. 2.2 To implement the policies and objectives of the Regional Waste Management Plan 2015-2021 when adopted. 2.3 To support and facilitate opportunities for sustainable employment by co-operating with national and local development agencies to maximise job creation in the county. 2.4 To ensure a co-ordinated and cohesive development of micro-enterprise which contributes to economic growth and job creation. 2.5 To assist Irish Water in identification of water infrastructure deficits in the county. 2.6 As an employer Kildare County Council will promote a culture of respect for the diversity of employees and provide them with a flexible and quality working life. 2.7 To ensure that all local authority premises comply with sustainability requirements through energy audits and low carbon emissions. 2.8 To continue to migrate the councils transport fleet to sustainable and renewable energy fuels as funding permits. 2.9 To support and facilitate existing and alternative agricultural and rural based economic activities. 2.10 To facilitate and support the provision of broadband infrastructure throughout Kildare via the library network. 2. To facilitate and encourage sustainable economic growth and employment 22 2.11 To continue to work with the Road Safety Authority RSA Garda and other agencies to promote Road Safety. 2.12 To continue to seek improvement of water quality in surface waters and ground waters and to implement River Basin Management Plans. 2.13 To promote access to community based sports and recreational opportunities. 2.14 To ensure full compliance with air quality standards. 2.15 To facilitate the development of agriculture bloodstock and related enterprises in the county and support tourist-related development of the bloodstock and equine industries. 2.16 To consider implementing an incentive which would make on-street pay parking more acceptable. 23 3.1 To provide a well-maintained public road network based on a minimum maintenance cycle of ten years subject to financial and human resource constraints. 3.2 To deliver a programme for design and construction of localregionalnational roads subject to available finance. 3.3 To support and facilitate high quality and sustainable development in both urban and rural areas. 3.4 To promote high standards of design and construction for all projects while encouraging creativity and innovation in architectural design. 3.5 To seek the delivery of physical and community infrastructure in conjunction with high quality residential developments to create quality living environments. 3.6 To ensure Kildares natural and architectural heritage is protected conserved and maintained to the highest standards. 3.7 To deliver water services and associated capital projects in the county as agents of Irish Water under a service level agreement. 3.8 To continue to facilitate Group Water Schemes subject to available budget and resources. 3.9 To complete the flood alleviation minor works programme during the lifetime of this plan and to continue to actively liaise with the OPW in this regard. 3.10 Provide improved access to information on services provided by the local authority via the councils website and though local print and broadcast media. 3.11 To ensure in consultation with other statutory undertakers and stakeholders that there is existing or planned infrastructure to service new development. KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 3. To develop and grow Kildares social and physical infrastructure 24 3.12 To improve travelling times and road safety by implementing efficient traffic management measures and build on the capabilities and scale of the councils traffic management centre subject to appropriate funding. 3.13 To support the development of sustainable communities through active intervention in facilitating community lead projects. 3.14 To assess and provide appropriate housing measures to meet housing needs in the county. 3.15 To provide adequate car parking facilities and regulated parking in towns and villages subject to available budget. 3.16 To continue to enhance and develop library building stock and resource local libraries as focal points of the community. 3.17 To support the development and enhancement of local sports leisure recreational and arts facilities. 3.18 To provide for the safety of the public through an efficient and effective Fire Service. 3.19 To work with the other Principal Response Agencies An Garda Siochana and the HSE to plan for and respond to Major Emergencies in accordance with A Framework for Major Emergency Management. 3.20 To continue to provide a professional and active role in monitoring food processing facilities in relation to the meat industry. 25 4.1 To optimise the use of new I.T. and Communications technologies to improve service delivery. 4.2 To maximise operational and organisational efficiency and performance and ensure that the best possible standard of service and responsiveness is provided to customers citizens and taxpayers by promoting and developing the introduction and use of a Customer Relationship Management system in the organisation in order to streamline processes and provide reporting structures for all customers including members of the council. KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 4.3 To carry out an assessment of the equality and human rights issues that may be relevant to the functions and purpose of our organisation and the policies plans and actions in place or proposed to be put in place to address those issues. 4.4 To ensure value for money in the procurement of goods and services through the use of best practice and compliance with national procurement policies. 4.5 Examine energy usage at all local authority facilities and work to minimise energy costs through enhanced conservation and the use of new technologies subject to availability of resources. 4. To improve efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of services 26 27 4.6 Focus on teamwork and the importance of cooperation across disciplines sections and geographic areas. 4.7 Support staff to reach their full potential through learning experience sharing and skills transfer. 4.8 Create a culture throughout the local authority of quality public service transparency accountability and value for money. 4.9 Continue to respond to citizens needs through best practice models and an integrated approach for delivery of services. 4.10 Seek feedback from the public on the quality of service delivery and customer experience in dealing with Kildare County Council. 4.11 Continue to promote and facilitate ease of access for all to councils services and premises. 4.12 To facilitate and support effective internal national and EU financial oversight. 4.13 To issue payments in accordance with the Prompt Payment of Accounts Act. 4.14 To continue with the programme of improved internal processes and movement to shared local authority services for payroll and superannuation. 4.15 To establish a comprehensive database register of assets comprising a mapping record of all lands and property in the councils ownership. 5.1 To promote County Kildare as a strategic location for investment and for the creation of employment. 5.2 To collaborate with State Agencies and employers to maximise job opportunities in the county. 5.3 To work to enhance the links with Maynooth University to develop employment opportunities through the competencies of the college in Research and Development and its experience of joint ventures with world class industries. 5.4 To provide support and services to start grow and develop micro and small business in Kildare. KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 5.5 To continue to work with state agencies Filte Ireland Waterways Ireland Kildare Filte and other local stakeholders to promote tourism in Kildare and to facilitate the provision of tourism infrastructure. 5.6 To encourage and facilitate the reuse and regeneration of land and existing quality buildings in our town centres 5.7 To enhance and develop the appearance and environment of Kildare. 5.8 To continue to enforce waste management regulations and reduce litter. 5.9 To promote the potential of the waterways in the county as both a tourist attraction and an enhanced living environment. 28 5. To promote and develop Kildare as a place to live learn work visit and do business 5.10 To protect and maintain the natural environment of Kildare. 5.11 To promote and enhance the cultural and artistic life of Kildare. 5.12 To work with local and national sports organisations to promote and develop sporting facilities in the county and to create an environment that fosters participation in sports arts community 5.13 To work with the local communities in progressing rural development programmes. 5.14 To lead and support the Kildare Age Friendly County programme which is being developed and overseen by the Kildare Age Friendly Alliance supported by Age Friendly Ireland. 29 KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 Successful implementation of the corporate plan will involve a collaborative approach at a number of levels Between staff across the whole organisation. Between councillors and staff working as a cohesive unit delivering agreed programmes. Between Kildare County Council and national and local public bodies. Between Kildare County Council and local development agencies interest groups and citizens. The Corporate Plan will influence plans and strategies of the council over the next five years in particular the annual budgetary process the annual service delivery plan individual departments business plans the performance management system and performance indicators. Annual Service Delivery Plan The Corporate Plan sets out the framework for the Annual Service Delivery Plan. This Plan will set out the activities to be undertaken across all key functional areas so as to deliver on the objectives contained in this Corporate Plan. The Plan will be linked to the budgetary process the Performance Management and Development System PMDS and performance indicators. Annual Budget Each year the objectives and strategies in this Plan will be matched to the financial resources available to the council as part of the annual budget process. A quarterly report will be provided to the council setting out the financial position of the organisation. The Finance Committee of Kildare County Council and the Audit Committee which includes external membership will meet regularly. Performance Management Development System The aims contained in the Management Team PMDS Plan will be reflective of the objectives in this Plan and in particular will have regard to The development of corporate management and improvement of customer and members services Manage the organisations financial and human resources Promote sustainable economic development Promote social inclusion and community development Promote corporate governance Promote sustainable environmental initiatives Implement the Local Government Reform Programme. Implementation and Monitoring 30 Local Community Development Committee LCDC Rural Development LEADER Local Economic and Community Plan LECP Public Participation Network PPN Social Inclusion Activation Programme SICAP Monthly Management Report As part of the ongoing local government reform programme the Chief Executive prepares a monthly management report for consideration by council setting out the performance of executive functions during the preceding calendar month including matters relating to the implementation of policy and the provision of services. Performance Indicators The National Oversight and Audit Commission NOAC was established in July 2014 under section 61 of the Local Government Reform Act 2014. A function of NOAC is to scrutinise the performance of local authorities by reference to performance indicators. The baseline performance measurements contained in this Plan at appendix 3 as approved by NOAC will provide the basis against which future performance will be measured. NOAC will receive a copy of this Plan and will monitor the adequacy of the Corporate Plan and evaluate its implementation. 31 MONTHLY MANAGEMENT REPORT ANNUAL BUDGET ANNUAL SERVICE DELIVERY PLAN FIVEYEAR CORPORATE PLAN PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE INDICATORS KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 In preparing the Corporate Plan 2015-2019 submissions were sought from peopleorganisations with an interest or involvement in local government users of the councils services community interest groups and local organisations. Public participation in preparation of the Plan was encouraged. In order to ensure that a wide spectrum of interests were consulted all groupsorganisations on the councils circulation lists were contacted. In addition a notice was published on our website and social media platforms. Consulation A total of 25 submissions were received and were considered as part of the process of preparing this Plan. The members of our council the corporate policy group and our staff were also consulted during the process of preparing the Plan. 32 33 Roads Transport and Public Safety Roads Design Construction and Maintenance for Non- National Roads National Roads Office Road Safety Traffic Management Public Lighting Car Parking Fire Services Civil Defence Health and Safety Housing Social Housing Provision Assessment and Allocation Voluntary Housing Housing Supports Grants and Loans Architectural Services Traveller Accommodation Homeless Service Tenant Liaison Services Estate Management Housing Strategy Planning Community and Culture Forward Planning Development Control Planning Enforcement Building Control Heritage and Conservation Leisure and Recreation Services Libraries and Arts Community Development and Participation. Environmental Services and Water Delivery of Water Services as agents of Irish Water Flood Alleviation Rural Water Programme River Basin Management Waste Management and Pollution Control Special Project Restoration of Kerdiffstown site Environmental Awareness Enforcement Economic Development Enterprise and Corporate Services Economic Marketing and Promotion Local Enterprise Office LEO Tourism Development Service to Councillors Service to Citizens Franchise and Elections Education Grants Human Resources Information Technology Procurement Risk Management Finance Financial Management and Reporting Debt Collection Motor Taxation Internal Audit Consumer Protection Chief Executive Appendix 1 Main Service Areas by Sector NationalEU Action Programme for Effective Local Government 2012 Putting People First National Spatial Strategy 2002-2020. Social Housing Strategy 2020 National Housing Strategy for People with a Disability 2011-2016 National Disability Strategy Implementation Plan 2013-2015 Traveller Accommodation Programme 2014-2018 National Climate Change Adaptation Framework.2012 Medium Term Economic Strategy 2014-2020 Action Plan for Jobs Construction 2020 Our Sustainable Future A Framework for Sustainable Development for Ireland 2012 National Policy Framework for Children 2014-2020 Strengthening the Connections in Rural Ireland - Restructuring of Rural Transport Programme - 2013 Smarter Travel A New Transport Model for Ireland 2009-2020 Public Service Stability Agreement 2013-2016 Haddington Road Homeless Policy Statement 2013-2016 Keeping Communities Safe Fire Services Framework 2013 Implementation Plan on the States Response to Homelessness 2014-2016 List of Strategies and Plans influencing Local Government in Kildare KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 Appendix 2 34 Irish Water Capital Investment Plan 2014-2016 CEDRA - Energising Irelands Rural Economy Supporting Enterprise Local Development and Economic Growth Department of the Environment Community and Local Government Strategy Statement Local Government ICT Strategy Implementation Plan Report on Growth and Employment in the Green Economy in Ireland DJEI 2013 Horizon 2020 - IDA Ireland Strategy WHO Global Age Friendly Cities Guide National Planning Policy Statement 2015 Framework for Public Participation in Local Government Guidelines for Planning Authorities The Planning System and Flood Risk Management Guidelines Department of Children and Youth Affairs Better Outcomes Brighter Future 2014-2020 20 Year Strategy for the Irish Language 2010-2030 Opportunities For All A Strategy for Public Libraries 2013-2017 Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life The National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy Among Children and Young People 2011-2020 Hi Healthy Ireland A Framework for Improved Health and Wellbeing 2013-2015. National Positive Ageing Strategy Regional Eastern and Midlands Regional Assembly Operational Programme Regional Planning Guidelines and Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies Regional Indicators Report Monitoring Frame work for the Implementation of the Regional Planning Guidelines. River Basin Plans Retail Strategy Regional Waste Management Plan Midlands East Regional Homeless Strategy Local County Development Plan 2011-2017 Local Area Plans Ideas Realised Spreading the Word Kildare Library Service Development Plan 2015-2019 Continue to Make Inroads An Arts Development Plan for Kildare County Council 2012-2016 Kildare Heritage Plan Anti Social Behaviour Policy Differential Rent Scheme Allocations Scheme for Social Housing Scheme of Letting Priorities Kildare Integration Strategy Irish Language Plan Litter Management Plan 2012-2015 Local Economic and Community Plan to be adopted in 2015 Kildare Joint Policing Committee Strategic Plan and Annual Plan 2015 to be adopted Housing and Disability Strategic Plan 2015-2020 to be adopted 35 H HOUSING H1 to H6 H1 Social Housing Stock H2 Housing Voids H3 Average Re-Letting Time and Cost H4 Housing Maintenance Cost H5 Private Rented Sector Inspections H6 Long-Term Homeless Adults P PLANNING P1 to P4 P.1 New Buildings Inspected P.2 No.Percentage of Planning Decisions Confirmed by An Bord Pleanala P.3 Percentage of Planning Enforcement Cases Closed as Resolved P.4 Cost per Capita of the Planning Service E WASTEENVIRONMENT E1 to E5 E.1 Number of Licensees Operating in Local Authority Area E.2 No.Percentage of Households with Access to a 3 Bin Service E.3 No. of Waste Complaints Lodged with the EPA Office of Environmental Enforcement E.4 Percentage of Other i.e. Not Waste Environmental Pollution Complaints Closed E.5 Percentage of Local Authority Area within the 5 Levels of Litter Pollution W WATER W1 and W2 W.1 Unaccounted for Water as Percentage of Total Volume of Water Supplied under Local Authority Schemes. W.2 Percentage Drinking Water public and private schemes in Compliance with Statutory Requirements. R ROADS R1 and R2 R.1 Ratings in Pavement Surface Condition Index R.2 Percentage of Motor Tax Transactions Conducted On-Line F FIRE SERVICE F1 to F3 F.1 Cost per Capita of the Fire Service F.2 Service Mobilisation F.3 Percentage of Attendance at Scenes. L LIBRARYRECREATION SERVICES L1 and L2 L.1 Library Visits L.2 Cost of Operating a Library Service Y YOUTHCOMMUNITY Y1 to Y4 Y.1 Participation in Comhairle na ng Scheme Y.2 No. of Gateway Participants Employed as Percentage of Target. Y.3 Percentage of Nominees to LCDC Membership via the PPN Structures from the Most Marginalised SICAP Groups Y.4 No. Progressing to FT PT or Self-Employment within 6 Months of Receipt of a Goal 3 Employment Support. C CORPORATE C1 to C4 C.1 Total Number of WTEs C.2 Working Days Lost to Sickness C.3 No. of Page Visits to Local Authority Website C.4 Overall Cost of ICT Provision per WTE. M FINANCE M1 and M2 M.1 5 Year Summary of Revenue Account Balance M.2 5 Year Summary of Percentage Collection Levels for Major Revenue Sources. J ECONOMIC DEVELOMENT J1 J.1 No. of Jobs Created Performance Indicators KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 Appendix 3 36 37 The delivery of essential local services and social infrastructure in a complex and ever changing environment is a major challenge. KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Corporate Plan 2015-2019 Making Kildare the Place to Live Learn Work Visit and Do Business Comhairle Contae Cill Dara Kildare County Council Head Office ras Chill Dara Devoy Park Naas Tel 045 980200 Fax 045 980240 Website Email kildarecountycouncil kildarecoco