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County Kildare History and Heritage

1798 Rebellion in County Kildare


Thursday July 4th
Aylmer's men ambush government forces between Clongowes Woods and Clane.

Friday July 5th
Michael Quigley, a Captain in Aylmer's army, routed the enemy between Clongowes Wood and Clane. Sallins garrison was reinforced. The leaders of the Kildare army at Timahoe began to sue for peace.

Saturday July 6th
Sir Fenton Aylmer and 14 Dragoons were attacked near Clane and narrowly escaped.

Monday July 8th
Lieutenant Smith attacked rebels who were burning houses near Naas.

Tuesday July 9th
The remainder of the great Wicklow/Wexford army crossed the borders into Kildare. They captured a keg of gunpowder near Newbridge.

Wednesday July 10th
The Wicklow/Wexford men met Aylmer's men at Robertstown and William Aylmer himself near Prosperous. They spent the night in the camp at Timahoe. It was decided to attack Clonard with the help of the Kildare men.

Thursday July 11th - 11.00 a.m.
Lieutenant Tyrrell and twenty seven yeomen successfully defended a fortified house at Clonard for more than six hours against the rebel forces that had marched from Kildare. In the end the rebels began to retreat and camped that night at Carbury. Some left for the Wicklow mountains, some would return to Timahoe while more marched on northwards in desperation.

Sunday July 21st
(The Leaders of the Wicklow/Wexford men Anthony Perry and Father Mogue Kearns were hanged at Edenderry) William Aylmer of Kildare, Edward Fitzgerald of Newpark and the principal officers of the Rebel army at Timahoe surrendered and were taken to Dublin. Protections were issued and men returned home. The Rebellion in Kildare was over.

Published by Kildare County Council Written by Mario Corrigan .