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Sensory Intregration and Play - A TTT Talk

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Before children are even born they learn about the world through their senses. A child will experience internal sensations and external sensations. Sensations pass to the nervous system and are interpreted by the self. A child will then attach a meaning to the sensation and respond to it
This lecture is aimed at parents of children who can find it difficult to sense the world and respond in a way that promotes their full potential for learning, growing and development.

Yvonne O’Neill is a play therapist .She will explore the sensory world of the child with Sensory Integration Difficulties and will look at making home-made sensory toys

Dates: 29 April 2014 - 29 April 2014 - Time: 19.00pm
Venue: Naas Library, Harbour View, Naas
Organised by Naas Library
Contact Details: T 045 879111 E:

Audience: Open to parents, teachers and professionals