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New eServices

Posted Date: 22 February 2016

Further to our recent news item in December, as a result of the national tender by Libraries Development, LGMA we now have a new suite of eServices delivered nationally. As anticipated there are some changes to providers - while some remain the same.  However in the case of the same provider you may have to re-register for the new national subscription. Details below:

  • eBooks - We no longer have a subscription to Ovderdrive for eBooks and eAudiobooks. This has been replaced with a subscription to Bolinda Borrowbox. The link has been updated on our library website homepage. You will need to register for this new service (which of course is FREE) by entering your library card number and surname and following instructions. This will be your new source for eBooks and eAudiobooks and as well as the facility to download to a PC and transfer to devices such as eReaders or MP3 players for eAudiobooks,  there is a very convenient app for from Apple Store or Google Play Store. If you already have books on loan from Kildare Overdrive Digital Library you can continue to read them until the loan period expires. You should then register for the new serivice with Bolinda.
  • eMagazines - Zinio is still the provider and under the terms of the national subscription there are now over 100 eMagazine titles available. If you have downloaded titles from the prevous local Kildare subscription you will still have access to those titles. Just make sure to use the same email address that you used previously, when you re-register for the new national subscription (Libraries Ireland)
  • eLanguage - The new provider is Mango Languages. If you are in the process of a course with Transparent Language Online please complete it as soon as possible. Our subscription to TLO will run out in May 2016. You can register with Mango Languages online course now.
  • eLearning - While the same provider - Universal Class - has been selected under the national subscription, patrons will have to re-register for access. We urge patrons to complete eLearning Universal Class courses as soon as possible as we cannot guarantee continuity. Our subscription will run out in May 2016 however you will be able to register for the new national sub to Univesal Class instead.
  • eNews - we are very happy to announce our new eNews service from Proquest with access to current as well as an archive of national and international newspapers online. You just need your library card number.

While we are delighted with the rollout of the new eServices nationally we understand that many of our patrons were already using the eServices that we provided locally in Kildare and that it is inevitable that there will be some disruption in the transition. We apologise to our patrons if that is your experience but expect that you will soon enjoy our new enhanced suite of eServices.

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