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Information and Communications Technologies


  • Installation of enhanced Information Management System in 12 service points and at Headquarters
  • Public ICT Services available at all service points
  • Web services in place including
    - Local Studies and Archives
    - Online access to library resource catalogue
    - Databases
    - News and events including mail outs
    - Posting of book reviews, comments and opinions by library users
  • Roll out of broadband/wi-fi countywide begun
  • Roll out of ‘lend a laptop’ service countywide as currently available at Leixlip Library
  • Assistive technologies roll out to all service points underway
  • Assistive software roll out to all service points underway


  • Extend and improve our technological networks and communications infrastructure to enhance public access to ICT
  • Ensure that all investment in technology is proofed against our key objectives of user needs, inclusion and accessibility
  • Extend information management system to all service points
  • Continue to support reluctant users through informal hands on mentoring
  • Extend range of software available to users including for people with disabilities
  • Continue to provide staff training in e-services
  • Continue to develop web related services
  • Provide e-books service
  • Appoint an additional member of staff to support public ICT services