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Introduction To The Plan


Kildare County Council Library Service leads and supports a wide range of activities and programmes including public libraries, arts services, local studies, genealogy, archives, services to primary schools, a mobile library and a Quaker Museum. Service design and provision is underpinned by two key themes:

Cultural Inclusion and
Co-Operative Networking in order to make cultural experiences and opportunities available to the citizens of County Kildare. Collectively the services hold up a mirror to society, which in turn reflects back to the citizen urging a response. We recognise and promote the intrinsic value of cultural IDEAS and experiences. We do so by providing books, multimedia and a range of opportunities including dance, music, storytelling and storymaking. Cultural participation is positioned as the crucial dynamic which gives Kildare its heartbeat and through which its diverse identities are expressed.

We recognise that people perceive and express their world in different ways:

  • Visual/spatial perception and expression
  • Verbal/Linguistic Skills
  • Logical/mathematical meanings
  • Bodily/kinaesthetic understandings
  • Musical/rhythmic expression
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Intra personal perception

(Gardner, H. 1993. Multiple Intelligences, the Theory in Practice).

These diverse ways of making and expressing ideas provide Kildare Library Service with the ever present challenge of providing inclusive imaginative learning opportunities.