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Libraries for Children


The School Library Service offers information, advice and multimedia materials to primary schools. The service is oriented towards an holistic approach which supports teachers, families and children around special needs, inter-cultural needs: particularly foreign language material and social inclusion. Close working relationships established with Kildare Education Centre, booksellers, publishers, specialist school library associations and groups, teachers organisations and local community groups to further grow this child-parent-teacher-community focus. Part funded by the Department of Education and Science, this initiative prioritises those schools most distant from permanent library buildings/services. A delivery van provides regular visits and book drops to fifteen schools who do not have the resources to use the Central service based at Kildare Town.


  • A central service established to provide a comprehensive collection of books and multimedia based on research and consultation with primary schools
  • A ‘visit and select’ service in place
  • Collaborative work with Kildare Education Centre, home-school-community liaison teachers, parents groups and teachers established
  • Reading development, curriculum support and the promotion of reading for personal development established as key objectives
  • Evaluation and consultation framework in place
  • Advice service and materials provided to those schools involved in creating classroom libraries
  • Advice and support service for teachers in identifying books for children who are reluctant to read
  • New inclusive reading development model in place entitled Threading Tales (see
  • PICTUREOGS; Pictureogs is a series of interactive and reflective workshops where participants develop skills of storymaking, telling and recording. The stories emerge from participants’ memories and are gathered into thematic strands which will shape the storysacks. Some stories are for adults while others are ideal for children. This project is about representing Traveller Culture as it is woven through story and it is hoped that a publication programme will emerge from the process. This kind of process is a key element of our objective to bring lesser known cultures to broader audiences and readerships
  • DVD of Pictureogs produced and distributed nationwide to document and provide access to Traveller culture
  • Storytelling and Storymaking Residency programme for schools in partnership with the Arts Service ongoing


  • Devise and make available a ‘training of trainers’ resource pack for groups who wish to adopt the Threading Tales and Pictureogs storymaking model
  • Increase funding to provide materials and programmes to primary schools

Arts Participation For Children In Libraries In Partnership with Arts Service


  • Annual programme for children
  • EasterFest, SummerFest, HalloweenFest
  • “Spellbound”, a three phase theatre programme for children by Crooked House Theatre Company, commissioned by Kildare County Council and the Arts Council
  • Storyteller in Residence programme
  • Bookmark competitions


· Appoint a Play Specialist in Residence in Libraries
· Continue to provide annual Arts development programme in libraries
· Increase library budget for Arts participatory development work

Inclusive Spaces and programmes for Children in Libraries


  • Consultation carried out in 2006 specifically with young adults
  • Specific programmes for young people
  • All new libraries now designed to include appropriate spaces for Children’s activities
  • Refurbishment and accessibility programme includes specifically addressing children’s spaces
  • Children’s book budget significantly increased
  • Rich collections of children’s books throughout the county
  • Reading Development promotions and activities throughout the year


  • Appoint a Children’s Services librarian to co-ordinate and support countywide programmes
  • Facilitate homework support
  • Link Library, Arts, Local studies, Archives, genealogy and museum programmes to provide particular opportunities for children
  • Continue our programmes for children supported by the Arts Services
  • Increase funding allocated to children’s services
  • Design spaces for young people in our libraries
  • Increase investment in books and non-book material for young people
  • Continue to address older building stock to enhance children’s facilities
  • Increase budget allocations for children’s services
  • Pilot inclusive toy libraries at Leixlip and Athy in conjunction with local disability partnership
  • Design internal and external play spaces into new libraries
  • Extend storymaking and storytelling programmes
  • Conduct feasibility study of using mobile library as ‘storybus’ for children in isolated rural areas at key times during the year
  • Participate actively in the creation and delivery of the County Play Policy
  • Continue to develop local history education outreach programmes which complement school curricula
  • Continue reading development through book clubs

We understand play to be the ways in which children experience their inner and external worlds and how they come to make, practice and encounter ideas. Consequently we will strive to ensure that our libraries include:

  • Play Spaces
  • Toys including toys for children with disability
  • Rich and varied book collection for all ages and abilities
  • Child friendly furnishings and fittings
  • Storymaking and storytelling programmes
  • Enhagement with writers, poets, artists and animateurs