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Lifelong Learning and Access to Knowledge Economy

  • Increase funding for bookstock and online resources for adult learners
  • Designate an additional member of staff to support public ICT projects and programmes
  • Develop Corporate Library Service for Elected Members and Staff of Kildare Local Authorities
  • Appoint professional librarian to manage Corporate Library Services
  • Specifically address literacy and reading development, general basic education and skills development together with Adult Education providers and support through collections and programmes
  • Diversify education opportunities by supporting distance learning programmes in our venues and by establishing Access agreements for Adult Learners with third level institutions
  • Actively participate with progress towards an inter-lending ageement with third level college libraries nationally
  • Work with Riverbank Arts Centre to actively promote participation in the Arts at Community and individual level through the use of the Centre’s facilities for education, training and self-development for all ages
  • Actively promote Riverbank Arts Centre and its programmes throughout the library network
  • Act as an information and development resource for community groups, arts organisations and individuals
  • Develop networks with Adult Education Institutions to offer direct adult education programmes in libraries as already achieved in Community Leadership and Community Arts with N.U.I., Maynooth
  • Promote imaginative literature and the novel or ‘story’ as a key means of learning
  • Promote library services for children and young adults as a critical lifelong learning resource