Ten Books You Should Read with Stefanie Preissner and special guest
Saturday, 19th October / 10am / RIVERBANK ARTS CENTRE

Join us for the ever popular Ten Books You Should Read! Our two guests will select five books each that they would recommend and delve into the stories to illustrate why we should give them a try.

Joseph O Connor, Kit De Waal and Henrietta McKervey
Saturday, 19th October / 12 noon / RIVERBANK ARTS CENTRE

Fans of literary fiction will be treated to an in-depth discussion on various aspects of the working author, including; crafting characters, creating temporal settings, weaving narratives and their thoughts on the writing life.

The First Page: Writing that compelling opening to your next short story
Saturday, 19th October / 2 – 5 pm / NEWBRIDGE COMMUNITY LIBRARY
Booking through Riverbank Arts Centre

Pauline Clooney, founder of the Kildare Writing Centre, will lead a workshop about ‘openings’ and how to make sure that the reader turns the first page and continues with your story. All levels of experience welcome.

Persona Poetry Workshop with Christodoulos Makris
Saturday, 19th October / 2 – 5 pm / RIVERBANK ARTS CENTRE

A fun and interactive workshop where participants will be guided to make use of public texts to compose poetry in the personae of a range of current figures. All levels of experience welcome.

** Hot Off The Press ** workshop sharing & Dennis O’Driscoll Literary Awards presentation
Saturday, 19th October / 5:30 – 6.30pm / RIVERBANK ARTS CENTRE

Join the participants from ‘The First Page’ and ‘Persona Poetry’ workshops led by Pauline Clooney and Christodoulus Makris for a sharing of work created that very afternoon - so ‘hot off the press’ that it might burn your fingers!

We will also present the prestigious Dennis O’Driscoll Literary Bursary awards 2019 to an emerging and professional writer from County Kildare.

Ian Maleney and Jamie Goldrick live audio-visual literary documentary
Saturday, 19th October / 7pm / RIVERBANK ARTS CENTRE

Author Ian Maleney and film-maker Jamie Goldrick join forces to create a live audio-visual documentary for the stage, based on the text from Maleney’s book Minor Monuments.

Something Wicked This Way Comes with Niamh Boyce, Stacey Halls and Martina Devlin
Saturday, 19th October / 8:30pm / RIVERBANK ARTS CENTRE

‘Tis the season of Samhain and the Kildare Readers’ Festival will celebrate with an exciting panel discussion examining the depiction and characterisation of witches within the canon of literature.



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