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The Barcelona Declaration

The Barcelona Declaration Project promotes the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities to live in a society that is accessible and inclusive for all. This declaration was adopted at the European Congress dedicated to the “City and the Disabled” held in Barcelona in March, 1995. Kildare Local Authority has taken the decision to implement the actions proposed in this project. The key principles of the Declaration are:

  • Promotion if disability awareness
  • Policies and measures to develop disability-proof decision making processes.
  • Development of consultative process for disability proofing
  • Achievement of inclusion and accessibility by providing people with disabilities access to social and physical environments as well as services.
  • Policies that will adapt the environment to needs of people with disability
  • Provision of training to local bodies .

The overall aim of Kildare Library and Arts Services is to ensure library services will be at least as easy to access for people with disabilities as non-disabled people.

To help achieve these aims we have continued to:

  • provide library facilities free of charge to voluntary disability advocacy groups throughout the county for meetings/talks/debates.
  • support an inter-library access team representing library branches.
  • develop a staff library relating to best practice research
  • support and develop existing direct consultation between local library staff teams and local disability advocacy groups both statutory and voluntary
  • promote and facilitate the formation of disability support/advocacy groups in areas where none exist in conjunction with community and enterprise staff.
  • consult with Irish and European Public library services in relation to best principles and practice
  • ensure that alternative reading/information formats are provided where possible
  • purchase children’s books which reflect positive attitudes to disability
  • review all library procedures and change as required.
  • Promote the provision of information, books, websites etc relating to physical, learning and emotional disability.
  • Conducted an accessibility audit of Library website

We intend to:

  • Publish a disability awareness handbook for all staff
  • Publish guidelines on best practice in public library fit-out, signage and wayfinding as produced by staff during the “Making Access Happen” Project.
  • Install assistive computer technology in five locations
  • Provide training for staff in the use of assistive technology
  • Continue staff awareness training programme
  • Integrate accessibility into routine staff meetings
  • Research the feasibility of an outreach service to people who are housebound.
  • Ensure flexible lending arrangements where necessary
  • Ensure best practice guidelines relating to parking, wayfinding, fit-out and signs in public libraries are made available to all relevant council departments and external contractors
  • Agree local work programmes in each main library and headquarters annually to ensure delivery of overall objects

For more information on the Barcelona Declaration and Kildare County Council see DARA – Delivering Access Rights to all.

For general information on the Barcelona Declaration see: