The Founder of the Christian Brothers

The son of prosperous parents in Callan, Co Kilkenny, Blessed Edmund Rice, founder became a highly successful businessman as a ship's chandler in Waterford.

When his young wife died, he devoted himself to a spiritual way of life and to works of charity. He became particularly concerned about the poorly dressed, hungry and uneducated boys he came across around the docks in Waterford.

A small number of companions joined him in caring for these boys and in 1802 he used his personal wealth to build his first monastery at Mount Sion in Waterford. Others quickly followed and the Congregation of the Christian Brothers was finally established by Pope Pius VII in 1822.

Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice was its first Superior General. He was a man of immense virtue and deep humility. The cause for his canonisation was opened by the Archbishop of Dublin in 1961 and is progressing successfully. He was beatified by the Pope in 1996.





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Blessed Edmund Rice

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Birth Place of Blessed Rice

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The Edmund Rice Memorial Chapel at Westcourt Callan