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National Mobility Centre
John Sullivan Centre, Clane

National Mobility Centre
National Mobility Centre

The National Mobility Centre is based in Clane Co. Kildare. It is the national centre for issuing Disabled Persons' Parking Cards.

It was officially opened in Clane by An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in July 2001.

Advice on Car Choice
Advice on Car Choice


Wheelchair Transport
Wheelchair Transport

What it does:

  • It develops standards for driving instruction and assessment.
  • It co-ordinates driving tuition nationally.
  • It advises on car choice (suitability - not one type opposed to another).
  • It advises on up to date adaptive driving controls.
  • It makes available several different vehicles with a variety of controls and options for users to test.
  • It provides information and advice on entitlements, concessions and application procedures both for the driver and for the passenger.
  • It provides off-road facilities so visiting clients can have the opportunity to drive a vehicle without the need for a licence.
  • It co-ordinates regional clinics to facilitate rural communities who cannot easily travel.

Motoring Advice And Tuition Service (MAATS)

MAATS driving instructors carried out 10,000 hours of tuition in 2000. Tuition was offered from Cork, Kilkenny, Mulingar, Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Donegal. Orders were placed in late 2000 for cars to offer tuition in Wexford, South Tipperary, Navan and Kerry.

Since late 2000 the MAATS service is co-ordinated from the National Mobility Centre in Clane.

The Clane Mobility Centre is being developed to -

  • Exhibit all accessories for passengers and drivers with disability.
  • Provide information on all issues relating to drivers and passengers with disability.
  • Offer national transport fleet co-ordination and support.
Driving Tuition
Driving Tuition

The provision of Disabled Persons' Parking Permits remains a busy service area. Since October 1997 over 10,000 permits have been issued. Additional positions were created in the Transport and MAATS Service in 2000.

These include :

  • A National Transport Officer.
  • Two MAATS Administrators.
  • All are located in Clane and can be contacted at (045) 893 094 or (045) 893 095.
  • You can also e-mail us at
  • Seasonal instructors were recruited in the new locations and trained in service provision.
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