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'Da Eves Dropper'

The members of Clane IWA produce there own newsletter on a quarterly basis. Below are the following extracts from the newsletter:


A hearty welcome to our first attempt at producing a newsletter in the Centre. Like the toddler finding his steps and then plopping to the floor, we are feeling our way and hoping to be picked up when we plop! We are asking you, the readers, to come to the rescue when we need it.
In September about eight of us started a new course on the computer with our tutor, Jonathan. He suggested bringing out a newsletter, and, with the help of articles from members and staff, here we go. Various people are working on different articles, but if you have any ideas, please share them with the rest of us.
It has been a wonderful summer – indeed autumn is non too bad either, so no doubt there are memories of many interesting events to brighten up the long winter evenings. Are there any tips that you may have found helpful, from getting on your shoes to baking a lovely Christmas cake? Do you know any good jokes, riddles? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, please come to the computer room. You don’t even have to know how to turn on the computer – we will be delighted to take your notes. We look forward to hearing your comments on this, our first copy of Da Eaves Dropper.


Members have 'Ball of a Time'

On Thursday September 25th a Formal Ball was held in the John Sullivan Centre. All the members looked forward to this evening as this was the first occasion the ball was organised. We all arrived to a centre beautifully decorated with candles, flowers and dim lighting, while the staff had done a wonderful job in decorating the centre the members equally arrived looking beautiful and eager for a night not to forget we were greeted on arrival by a staff member and led to our tables.
The dining
The meal we received was five stars and speedily and pleasantly served by staff members. The meal was accompanied by red and white wine. We all enjoyed this fine fare. There was a great sound of enjoyment within the room.
The entertainment
After the meal we all needed to relax for awhile. Some time later the music started. This was provided by Sean Thomson. The music was lively and the dancing continued for some time. We all had a brilliant time. At about 11 o’clock our energy was starting to fade, and reluctantly we felt it was time to end a perfect night
W are lucky to have such dedicated staff, who so freely and pleasantly give us their time. We all whole heartedly give you our sincere thanks

Members Comments

“Excellent night enjoyable meal first rate entertainment hope it will be done again” said Seamus McCormack.
“We all had a great night We had good food, wine and plenty of it “said Brigid, Lally.
“Super night next year again DV” said Danny Phelan.

Click here to see pictures of the night



He’s a sly old fox.
By Mary Beegan
On the 14TH of October, a party was held in the Turn Inn, Carbury, Co. Kildare. A birthday party to mark John foxes 40th, many people gathered in the pub for the big event. A convoy of trucks were to meet the star and to escort him in to the venue.
Although it was a small place to hold the crowd, many neighbours, relations and good friends came to cheer on the ol’ man’. Some just came to flavour the food which went down very well. The entertainment suited young and old. I know a birthday like that would not be held without any drinks that made people merry and full of life. A good footballer Foxy was, the Liverpool jersey he got as a present came in very handy but he forgot the boots. The birthday cake was very nice and well scented with the best aftershave with Bacardi and coke dripping down the sides. Which did not stop people from having a slice.
A good ol man foxey is he was never stuck for a lift on that night. He got a lot of cards with dosh to splash about on his favourite things. But finish the story it was a great night not just for me but everybody.



First day is always the hardest

The first day that I came to the centre I was very nervous because I was starting at a new place and I had to get to know the people and their names. It was hard to leave my school and my friends and start a new place. When I first came to the centre I was shown around the centre by Monica and see if it was the best place for me. I was shown around the different rooms and what went on in them. They had pottery, computers and also had art and drama and had games in the day room. When I first came to the centre it was my auntie Ann that new a man that recommended Clane for me...

It was great to get to know Lizzy and Marry and all the people that I met in the centre.
I think the centre is very good and I really enjoy coming to the centre and meeting all the People who are very nice to me in the centre. I am glad to be in the centre now and will be doing my leaving cert at this moment in the centre. If I didn’t have clane I would not get a chance to do my Leaving cert and all the other things that I do in the centre.


Those were the days…..

The Irish Wheelchair Association started back in the early 80’s,and let me tell you, we have come a long way since that. I remember the days in Prosperous/Maynooth road when the centre first opened. It wasn’t as easy as coming in in in the mornings and turning on the oil; I wish, no we had to put a few pence together and go down and purchase a bale of b briquettes and a box of firelighters. We also depended on the generosity of the members to bring in a bit of turf to keep us warm. We had fire which brought a very cosy and friendly atmosphere to the centre. I often think back to the things we did to get some dinner on the table. One story springs to mind. There was a field down the back of the centre where a nearby farmer had sowed a field of potatoes. One day we had no money for dinner so a few of us went down to the field hoping nobody was watching. We took up the potatoes by the stalk, removed the potatoes and replanted the stalks so that the farmer wouldn’t notice the gap in the rows. Those were the days, and now when I notice the vegetables being delivered, I think how easy it is, and how lucky we are to have everything served up to us. The Centre has come a long way since those days, and I think it’s a centre we should all be proud of. Although we don’t have an open fire, it still holds a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Christy Kenny




Tune in and sing along with the Drifters.

On October 26th last, a group of us went out to the Moat club in Naas to see the Drifters in concert. A big crowd had gathered in the theatre to get ready for the show as the band would be on stage soon. The fab four came out and the audience applauded. They were called the American Drifters.

They had played several times before, but it was my first show that I went to. It was fun doing workouts and dances, however we didn*t have much room to use our skills*but we made it our own to move around.

Such a popular band that they are, they mingled with everybody and we all sang the songs that were well known through the 60s. The 2 hours out enjoying ourselves went very fast, and the night was over for us all. However we left with great memories of the night and moment from the band. It was a wonderful show and night I won*t forget. One of the members of the band had taking ill a week before the gig, on previous occasions he had been particularly good at participating with the audience. It was a shame he couldn*t make this trip.

Irish Backup
The backing musicians were all Irish, who had gelled really well with the drifters. Compared to the drifters, they were very young.




Welcome to my garden,I will be commenting on things that will add colour to your garden as each season passes by. So now everybody can have a go at growing something that will brighten up their lives.
Bulbs.You can plant bulbs now and have colour in your garden next spring. Why not try a few Daffodils or Tulips. Tulips are another of the outdoor bulbs which look stunning in the Spring, espcially if they are interplanted with some Anemones bulbs.
The Types

Anemones also come in a range of colours ( a visit to your local garden center will allow you to see what is available to you)

Spoilt for choice
Hyacinths are anohter bulb you may like to have.
*are low growing
* height 5 to 7 inches
* height 9 to 10 inches

These are just a few different varieties of bulbs available to the gardener(there are lots of others).
The future
The advantage of bulbs is that theywill continue blooming year after year with a minimum of attention with just a handful of bulb food after they have flowering.At a later time we will talk about Creepers and Climbers, Groundcover plants and lots more.

I will end this column in the hope that you will find gardening such a fascinating pastime.

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