Who is eligible to apply?
Any farmer having reached 66 years of age is entitled to the non-contributory pension provided they satisfy a means test (more or less similar to the Social Welfare assistance). Applications to local Social Welfare branch/office.

What are the rates of payment?
The new rates to apply from June 1998 are:

Personal Rate -
Under 80 years of age 72.50
Over 80 years of age 77.50
Adult dependent 41.20
Child dependent 13.30
Living alone allowance 6/week

Are savings, investments and property you possess taken into account in the means test?
Yes. The first 2000 of capital is not counted. The yearly value of the next 20,000 is assessed at 7.5%.
The yearly value of Capital which exceeds 22,000 is assessed at 15%.
The total is divided by 52 to get the weekly means.
In the case of married couple each of the above figures is doubled (4,000, 40,000, 44,000)


Who is eligible to apply?
A farmer who has commenced making PRSI contributions at least 10 years prior to reaching retirement age (66 years) and satisfies a certain minimum average number of PRSI contributions per year and has at least 156 contributions made from the time he first became eligible for PRSI on April 6, 1988. A farmer must have entered insurable employment prior to his/her 56th birthday.

What if you had worked in employment prior to 1988?
Contributions made prior to 1988 can be taken into account. This is important particularly for farmers who were over 56 years of age in April 1988.

What are the rates of payment?
From June, 1998 the new rates of Contributory Old Age Pension or Adult rate, dependent rate are:

Personal rate - Under 80 years of age 83
Over 80 years of age 88
Adult dependent - 66 or over 56.90
Under 66 52.50
Child dependent - 15.20

Can I receive a pro rata pension?
Yes. Provided you paid PRSI before you reached the age of 56. You must have at least 260 contributions and you must have at least an average of 10 weeks payment over the period from 1953 or the date on which you started paying PRSI, if later. If you have had periods of social insurance in another country these may be used for the pro rata pension.

How much is the pro-rata pension?
The rate of the pro-rata pension will depend on the average number of weeks PRSI is paid or credited each year as follows: 39.00
Yearly Average Rate per week
15 - 19 58.50
10 - 14


Who is eligible to apply?
In cases where farming is a subsidiary occupation, a farmer can make a claim for Unemployment Benefit providing he/she continues to satisfy the conditions of being available for and continuing to seek employment.
The profit from the farm must not exceed 10.00 per day
Not less than 117 contributions have been paid in the three year period immediately prior to the date of claim.


Is a widow / widower eligible for contributory pension?
Yes. Provided three years contribution of PRSI have been paid.

What are the rates of payment?
From June 1998 the new rates of widow/widowers (survivors) Contributory pension are

Under 66 years 74.10 66 - 80 years 76.10
Over 80 years 81.10 Child dependent 17.00


Is there a means test?
Yes. Similar to that which applies for Social Welfare Assistance.

What are the rates of payment?
Same as long term Social Welfare Assistance (See Social Welfare assistance).


Are farmers eligible for Family Income Supplement?
Most farmers are not eligible for the Family Income Supplement (F.I.S.) because a condition of the scheme is that it applies to people who are engaged in full-time remunerative employment as employees which is expected to continue for a minimum of 3 months and the number of hours worked per fortnight is not less than 38. However, a farmer may be eligible if the spouse is working and the combined family income is below a certain limit.

What are the rates of payment?
The Scheme only applies where there are dependent children. The FIS payment is 60% of the difference between the weekly family income and the income limit for family size. Assessable income from employment as an employee is gross pay minus employee PRSI, levies and superannuation. The farmer's weekly income from self employment is assessed by dividing the income over a 12 month period before the FIS claim by 52.

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