IFA Action to Tackle Low Income Farm Incomes
Constant vigilence to improve the market return for agricultural products for all farmers.

Maximising the uptake of key agricultural schemes.

Ensuring that small and medium sized producers get priority access to available quota.

Simplifying the applications for the various headage and premia schemes.

Seeking improvements to the Disadvantaged Areas Scheme to help 100,000 farmers depending on headage.

Lobbying for changes to the REPS scheme to make it more flexible.

Seeking the reintroduction of the Control of Farmyard Pollution Scheme.

Effective implementation of the new REPS/SAC package.

Campaigning to eliminate the rigid rules in the Early Retiremernt Scheme including the enlargement clause, definition of full time farmer etc.

Increased payments for farm forestry as an alternative income source.

Easing the assessment procedure for Social Welfare and securing key means test concessions (REPS/SAC).

Encouraging the job creating agencies to improve the spread of jobs to rural areas.

Pressing for farmers to be eligible for Family Income Supplement (F.I.S.)

Promoting alternative income sources either off farm or on farm through the various rural development and Structural Funds measures.

Lobbying for effective rural development policies under Agenda 2000 to improve farm incomes.

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