Mission, Aims & Objectives

The Supervisory Board set down its overall goal and agreed its long-term aims and objective.

Overall Goal – Mission Statement

“To provide an activity centre for the Athy Community that will be user friendly and open to all groups and members of the Community”

Aims and Objectives of ARCH

ARCH will as a community centre:

  • Provide facilities for sporting, recreational and social well being of the Community of Athy.
  • Assist in building bridges between all members of the Athy Community.
  • Promote equability of access for all groups, including groups with special needs.

ARCH will achieve its aims through:

  • Providing leisure and meeting facilities to meet the social needs of groups and individuals in the community.
  • Provision of a wide range of sports facilities open to all groups and individuals in the community.
  • Identifying and leading new activities to encourage and increase inclusive community participation.
  • Effective and efficient management and operation of the centre by the Supervisory Board using the following overall principles:
    • I. ARCH must be financially self-sustaining with resources being used to give maximum benefit to the community.
    • II. Notwithstanding the need for financial viability generation of income must not compromise equitability of access. Management will at all times strive to maintain a balance of access for all members of our community
    • III. The community centre will be of the people, for the people, by the people.