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Arts and Entertainment in County Kildare

Conditions and Fees


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  • Registration must be made directly to the Arts Service on this form.
  • Closing date for all applications is Friday 30th September 2005
  • The scheme is offered on a first come first served basis. Therefore registration for inclusion does not guarantee a booking
  • The workshop programme runs from 24th October 2005 until 2nd June 2006
  • The Arts Service will contact schools on week commencing 10th October to discuss workshop booking
  • The exact workshop schedule will be agreed between artist and school in advance of workshop commencing


  • The fees for the ‘If I had an Artist for a Day...' programme include administration costs, artists fees and travel, specialised equipment and materials provided by the artist.
  • The fees for the Pinhole Photography workshop are 350 per day, the fees for the Stomping Sculpture 400 per day. (The materials for both of these workshops are costly). The fees for all other listed workshops are 250 per day.
  • Schools must agree to pay 100% of the fees to the artist on the day of the workshop
  • The Arts Service will reimburse 50% of the fees to the school after the workshop has taken place and when an evaluation form has been returned to the Arts Service
Kildare County Council