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Arts and Entertainment in County Kildare

Creative Comic Books

Creative Comic Books with Carly McNulty

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Children design their own books based on comic book format, looking at various books for inspiration and ideas. Colour is added to their stories and illustrations and the work is assembled into a personalized book (5hrs).

Advance prep required by school?

Advance prep required by school?
For Split personality workshop, schools are asked to collect magazines.

Basic physical requirements?
Access to running water is necessary for all workshops. The Mapping workshop requires a large clear floor space

Materials required?
The artist will supply all specialist materials, however, the school is asked to make available - Water containers, brushes, pencils, A3 & A4 paper, coloured pencils/ markers, PVA glue, newspapers

Max no of children per session?

How many sessions per day?

The time allocation per workshop is outlined above. The school can create their own schedule within the time allocation

What age group is this workshop suitable for?

The Creative Comic Book workshop is suitable for 5th & 6th class only. All other workshops are adaptable to all age groups

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