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Arts and Entertainment in County Kildare

The Magic of Dance

The Magic of Dance with Cathy O’Kennedy

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This is a dance making workshop and performance for children. The magic is in the imagination of the children and in the process of unlocking the imagination of the body. Led by Cathy O’Kennedy, children create their own dances on themes of magic, myth and mystery. Through movement intervention, a creative mix of dances, magic and storytelling, a dance experience unique to each group of children.

Advance prep required by school?

Clear and clean floor area.

Basic physical requirements?
A large clear space, children should wear comfortable clothes.

Materials required?

Max no of children per session?

How many sessions per day?

4 x 1hr or 3 x 1.5 hrs

What age group is this workshop suitable for?

The workshop is adaptable to all age groups.

Kildare County Council