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Arts and Entertainment in County Kildare

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Who? What? When? Where? Why? by Pauline Devine

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The workshop opens with a Q & A session about the authors books, leading to an exploration of writing in prose or poetry, using writing exercises and group discussion. Key elements of the workshop are

  • Establishment and development of characters
  • Determining and developing the plot
  • Setting the characters within a context/ location
  • Bringing the story alive through use of dialogue, language imagery, conflict and contrast

Advance prep required by school?

Read author’s books (preferred).

Basic physical requirements?

Materials required?
Pencils and paper, blackboard or flipchart.

Max no of children per session?
Preferred number is 8-10 pupils.

How many sessions per day?

4 x 1hr

What age group is this workshop suitable for?

1st class and upwards.

Kildare County Council