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Arts and Entertainment in County Kildare

County Council Arts Office

Statement of Policy


Kildare County Council is the recognised agency for development and promotion of Cultural Activities and the Arts within County Kildare. Those arts shall be defined in the Arts Act 1951 and 1973; painting, sculpture, architecture, music, drama, literature, the cinema and the fine arts in general.

PuppeteerKildare County Council recognise the importance of Arts and Cultural activities within County Kildare and the contribution to the life of the individual that results from this. The Council aims to provide, promote and develop the arts to include all sectors of the community. Kildare County Council recognises the importance of an integrated approach in fusing the diverse elements of Kildare's culture and community into a cohesive, flourishing whole, noting the importance of fair and equitable treatment for all its residents. The Council place particular emphasis on art forms that encourage community development and involvement, thus developing a sound Arts infrastructure. Its integrative policy is used to secure maximum benefit for the Arts through strategic partnership.

The Kildare County Arts Officer co-ordinates the Arts Service, on behalf of Kildare County Council. Although independent in itself, the Arts Service integrates with the Library Service to ensure cohesion of shared cultural policies.

The active county-wide arts programme includes a Music Outreach programme, Arts in Schools programmes, exhibitions, readings, recitals, support for the Kildare County Orchestra, touring theatre etc., combined with a number of community-based arts initiatives. The Arts - in - Libraries programme includes author visits, children Summer Arts Festival and World Book Week Festival, art appreciation lectures and music recitals.People playing large drum These programmes provide the medium through which people become familiar with, practice and promote cultural awareness. A strategic Arts Management Structure (S.A.M. Ltd.) has also been developed under the aegis of the Council to develop infrastructure, policy and management structures.

Details of the current Kildare County Council arts programme may be viewed at Artyfacts

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Lucina Russell, Kildare County Arts Officer, Kildare Library and Arts Service, Riverbank, Newbridge, Co. Kildare Tel: 045-431215, ext. 218; Fax: 045-432490



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