Our House Exhibition and COLOURSCAPE

House and garden exhibition with major feature Colourscape- 120,000 square ft walk in Coloursculpture.

Punchestown Event CentreNaas

Event Details

  • Thu 10 Apr - Sun 13 Apr  2008
  • Thurs & Fri 2pm-9pm. Sat & Sun 11am-7pm.

  • Cost: Adults €10. Students & OAP's €8. Children under 12 free

  • Venue Details
    Punchestown Event Centre



The Our House exhibition will take place at the Punchestown National Event Centre from Thursday April 10th to Sunday April 13th  2008. In addition to over 100 exhibitors showcasing inspirational ideas for the home, the show will also feature actual on site constructions which offer solutions for redesigning ones living space -the Midsummer Night Garden, the Home Extension, the Kitchen Bathroom zone, the Attic Conversion, the bespoke Children’s Playroom and the Work from Home solution. 

A major attraction at the event this year will be the unique and exciting– “Colourscape”. 

Colourscape is a walk in 120,000 sq foot coloursculpture where people can enter and roam freely through a maze like succession of soft inflatable chambers of ultra brilliant colours and radiating light as they choose their route. A breathtaking experience, it has been compared to a rainbow of interactive colours where participants wear special cloaks, which change in hue as they move through the intensely coloured chambers, while surrounded by the interplay of colour and space.

The experience is suitable for all ages and is totally wheelchair accessible; children are particularly responsive to the light and colour and the relationship between both. (The light sources, which are purely natural, enter via semi transparent membranes).  The experience of exploring this labyrinth of colour and discovering how light and colour influence us can have a remarkable effect on our minds and bodies, awakening the senses and affecting our emotions. Many describe the interactive nature of the experience as sensual, relaxing and therapeutic where the feeling is one of being almost embraced by colour.

Colourscape has been installed at many festivals throughout the world –London, numerous venues in the UK, Australia, Germany (Cologne for World Cup), Belgium, and Austria. This is its first time to come to Ireland! For more information on ‘Colourscape’ and the Our House exhibition, check out www.ourhouse.ie and  www.colourscape.org.uk .

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