Art Exhibition by Yuliya Obawajo

An exhibition of watercolours.

Leixlip LibraryLeixlip

Event Details

  • Tue 25 Mar - Thu 10 Apr  2008

  • Cost: Free

  • Venue Details
    Leixlip Library

    Captain's Hill

The artist Yuliya Awabajo will exhibit her watercolours in Leixlip Community Library from March 25th to April 10th 2008.  The exhibition will be launched in the Gallery in Leixlip at 7pm on Tuesday March 25th.

Yuliya Awobajo lives in Lucan, Co. Dublin.  Her quest for nature and culture has taken her to many places and countries and these are reflected in her artistic view. She paints in watercolours. Yuliya is educated in communications engineering and is also a part-time hairdresser.  She has exhibited in various art exhibitions locally and nationally.  Her work attracts private collectors and decorators from different countries and is highly accredited. Look into this work and you will find more questions than answers!



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