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Coill Dubh/Donadea C.E.P.

Christmas function

The local FAS CE Project held their annual Christmas party in Broadford House on Friday 10th December last.

Presentations were made to Tom Costello, Deirdre Cribbin, Silvano Burella and Denis Callaghan who left the Project during the year. A special presentation was made to Alan Dillon who stepped down as Chairperson recently, after spending seven years with the Project. The new Chairperson, Michael Seery, paid tribute to Alan’s many years of commitment to the local community and thanked him for his hard work and dedication on behalf of the project Management Committee. Mary Lynch, Co-ordinator, also thanked Alan for his guidance and support to all CE workers during the past seven years. He was then presented with a Waterford Glass crystal table lamp from the Co-sponsor groups and workers on the Project. Alan thanked all concerned and wished everyone on the Project every success in the future. Music was provided by Bobby Bolger and his band. Food was provided by Liz Ward and a most enjoyable night was had by all. Special thanks to the Social Club Committee, Deirdre Cribbin, Anne Marie Farrell and Mary Gibbons for organising a very successful night.


There will be vacancies available shortly at various locations for Caretakers, greenkeepers and Classroom Assistants. Applicants should be in receipt of UA, UB or Lone parents Allowance for one year or be referred by NRB. Usual FAS rates and conditions apply. For further enquiries please contact Mary Lynch or Mary Murphy at 045 860777/870761.

Grinds Available

Grinds are available in English, Geography or History for Junior or Leaving Cert. All areas considered. For further details please contact Mary at 087 6835818.

Woodlands Pitch & Putt News


Woodlands Pitch & Putt Club would like to thank the following people for their support during 1999. Paddy Percival, Brendan Byrne, Coill Dubh Credit Union and Charlie and Nellie Conroy.

We would also like to remind our members that the membership money for the coming year is due before March 1st 2000. Membership fees as follows:

30 for a family

25 for single

10 for junior

The committee for the year 2000 is as follows:

President : Ester Ryan

Captain : Seamus Tuohy

Lady Captain : Dodie Tuohy

Secretary : James Farrell

Treasurer : Betty Dolan

PRO : Ann Moore

Handicap Sec. : Tom Costello

Hon. Committee : Kevin Reilly

Antoinette Conway

Committee Members : Rose Connon, Denis Connon, Terry Murphy, Rose Murphy, Liz Flynn, Peg Tracy, Josie Kelly, Mary Gibbons, Mick Hogan, Chris Malone and Mick Mitchell.

The first Competition of the year is to be held on Sunday 6th February at 2 o’ clock . This is a 9 hole competition and entry fee is 1.

We would like to see all members support the competitions throughout the year and all golfers are welcome to play in any competition.

Any queries about the Pitch + Putt please contact Terry on (045) - 860777.(or any of the committee Members)

Finally the Pitch + Putt club would like to offer our condolences to the Cronly family no.16 Coill Dubh to the Kane family of no.1 Coill Dubh and to the Rooney family of Coill Dubh.

James Farrell, Secretary.

Five Minutes to Midnight

I’m sure we all have days and nights that always stand out above all others in the recesses of our memories. I have no hesitation in stating that a night I will never forget and never want to forget was the night we all came together in Cooleragh Parish Church to mark the final sunset of the old millennium and to look forward to the dawn of the year 2000 A. D..

Many thoughts and ideas competed in my mind as we went through that memorable ceremony. As I looked down our church of Christ the King and saw it packed beyond capacity, my first thoughts were of gratitude to God for the good people he has placed me among. The atmosphere during our forty minute ceremony (plus five extra borrowed) was one of joy, peace, affirmation, gratitude, togetherness, strength in community, all bonded together by a spirit of love. I will hold the memory of that celebration forever treasured in the archives of my heart. I felt privileged to be a priest among such a beautiful people.

As I write these notes it’s 11.55 p.m. - 31st December 1999. The new millennium is about to dawn. I am sitting alone (by choice) in the kitchen with a large mug of millennium tea in my hand. The ceremony of the final sunset is before me on the breadboard. It’s theme "There is a time" puts many thoughts jostling for attention, but since it’s almost midnight - the last minutes of the century, I must be selective in what to keep forever in my mind before my Grandfather Clock begins to strike. I settle for a quiet prayer of affirmation - the Lord’s own words that we recited at the end of the ceremony a few hours ago, it goes "You are the salt of the earth, You are the light of the world". Yes dear friends of Staplestown and Cooleragh parish - the description fits you perfectly. And now as my Grandfather Clock has just struck twelve, I notice a tear in my eye - it’s a tear of joy.

Pat Ramsbottom

There was a lot of hype about the Millennium, generated in large measure by businesses which wanted to profit from the event. As it happened, many people felt let down when the clocks reached the supposedly magical hour and we passed into the year 2,000. The doomsayers had it all wrong too - there was no Armageddon and no computer meltdown. No planes fell out of the sky either.

In a way, viewed from a proper Christian perspective, it was highly appropriate that nothing much happened. The Millennium merchants were exploiting a moment in time but authentic Christianity takes an eternal perspective on things.

Yet for Christianity this year 2,000 is an annus mirabilis, because it is a milestone anniversary of Our Lord’s birth. It is an opportunity for us to proclaim once more the Good News of the Gospel message of the Saviour’s Birth. It is a chance for us to challenge a world of sin, darkness, despair, violence and hatred; a time to promote peace, love, tolerance and forgiveness.

I urge you all to work hard to do God’s will in this year 2,000 and make it truly a great Anno Domini (year of our Lord). Make your churches, communities, workplaces and homes temples of grace, where people are forgiven and healed, welcomed and restored.

Walk with God.

Reverend David Frazer, Church of Ireland, Rector of Donadea, Milicent and Coolcarrigan.

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