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_June Donadea News______


Our annual Turf Cutting day will take place in Derryvarrogue Bog (near Roche's Pub), on Sunday July 7th. This is the sixth year for the competition. Cutting for adults will be from 3p.m. to 5 p.m. There will be a junior section from 4p.m. to 5 p.m. As this is a family day we want juniors to take part and experience the fun in cutting turf by hand. There will be prizes for the winners of both Junior and Senior sections. An educational tour deep into the dome of the bog will take place from 3:45 p.m. to 4:30p.m. All of the different heathers, lichens etc will be pointed out and named as well as the wonderful variety of other life forms. Refreshments will be available, so do come along and experience the wonder of our Family Bog Day.

Please Note: Change of day from Saturday to Sunday.


Rory Tansey has just arrived back from Belarus, having given his time voluntarily to assist in the building of an orphanage in Grovasa near Minsk. Rory was one of one hundred and forty people (mainly guys) from all parts of Ireland who traveled to convert part of an old military barracks (which is now an orphanage for 150 children) to a more humane dwelling with proper toilets and showers and capable of accommodating between 300 and 400 children. Even though Rory was expecting the worst, nothing could prepare you for the 'sheer poverty and that musty smell that still lingers'. The orphanage is in a rural setting with little or no transport except for the odd Lada. The reason the children are here he says is that the families can't afford to keep them.

The children did speak reasonable English, and although in reasonable good health were starved of attention, as the regular staff that were few and far between didn't have the time to attend to so many children. The locals themselves were rather suspicious of volunteers, suspecting I suppose the government paid them.

The whole experience was wonderful and fulfilling and felt that you were doing something worthwhile for the children. Visited another orphanage over an hour journey away. Found kiddies without nappies, so went out, bought a load as well as potties, just to give these children some dignity. Mind you there is no shortage of supplies if you have the money. Everything has a price. Dollars will get you anything and the black market is a way of life. Am going back again in September to follow through in the next stage of the development. Leaving the kids that morning at 5 a.m. was a moving experience, as they all got up just to say good-bye and show their appreciation of having the volunteers there.

Getting back to Shannon and going into a shop for a roll and a pint of milk seemed odd. Not to mention seeing kids with their school bags being able to walk into a shop and buy whatever they wanted, Strange sort of world, isn't it…


An Ecumenical Pilgrimage will begin at St. Peter's Church Donadea, at 7p.m. on Friday 28Th. June. The route will be from the church to the Range Houses, on to Greenhills Cemetary, arriving at St. Peter's Well for prayers at 8p.m. Bring some food and drink to share with each other, as we plan to have some music and chat after the ceremony. Please bring your family and friends along to this beautiful special place.


Delia, Carol and Majella would like to thank the people of Cooltrim,Donadea, Hortland and Tiermohan for their generous support in sponsoring them on their Lenten Fast for Trocaire. The total raised by them was €1176.50 which was sent to and receipted by Trocaire. The Girls would like to say thanks for all the offers of cups of tea from the welcoming houses of our area, see you next year. (P.G.)

Best Wishes go to Maggie Kennedy and Cormac McMahon on the occasion of their wedding in Staplestown Church on May 31st last. We wish the happy couple every joy and success in their life together.

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