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Fund raiser for
St. Peter’s Church

The fund raiser for St. Peter’s Church Restoration Fund went really well on Sunday 2 May at the Forest Park. Members of Friends of the Forest together with Tir na Mona, Coillte, neighbours and friends, all worked very hard to ensure that all went well on the day. Special thanks are due to Dolores Kennedy and Morna Hosey who instigated the whole idea. Again thanks to Coillte for the use of the premises and all who contributed and gave so generously, and all so soon after the Kosovo fund-raiser just two weeks previously on April 18th.

What with the funny painted faces of the children, the bears and the rabbits, not to mention the busy bee. One would not have been blamed for feeling the child within surface and joyous laughter abound. No doubt drawn by the warm dry day the visitors arrived in great numbers and gave generously.

The total amount raised was in the region of 2076.00. So well done all.


Hello again. Since our last report, work is progressing well in the forest.

Lime Tree Avenue, which is one of the entrances to the forest is being resurfaced.

Contracts have been signed and submitted to KELT ( Kildare Enterprise Leader II )

We will keep you informed of further progress.

Coill Dubh/Donadea

C.E.P. Scheme.

The office of the Coill Dubh/Donadea C.E.P. Scheme has closed in Newtown Hall due to extensive renovations on the Newtown Hall. Mary Lynch is now based in Woodlands Golf Club and can be contacted there at 045 / 860777.

Donadea Art Group

Donadea Art Group will be having their annual art exhibition in the autumn………..so artists get working. Watch this space for further details.


M.O.N.A. wishes to offer their congratulations to Ned and Margaret Murphy of Derrycrib, who recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Hoping this charming couple will have many more happy years together in health and happiness.

To Martin and Helen Comerford on the birth of their son Kieran

Get Well Wishes

To all our readers who are ill or in hospital we wish a speedy recovery and lots of good health in the future.

Good Luck

Good Luck to all the students who are taking exams. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Newtown Hall

Development Fund

The auction for the development of Newtown Hall held on 14th May was a great success. Thanks to everyone who supported the event. More details next month.

Small Farm Advisory Service

OAK partnership has now expanded its Small Farm Advisory Service into North West Kildare. This is a free advisory service offered to farmers who have less than 40 L.U. and whose off farm income is below 15,000 gross per annum. If you would like to avail of this service then

please contact Pat Farrell at OAK Partnership, Business Park, Edenderry, Co. Offaly. Tel. 0405 32688.

On 20th April 1999, Thermal Waste Management Ltd. lodged an application with Kildare County Council for outline permission for an Industrial/Business Park together with a Thermal Waste Treatment Plant with a vent stack, railway sidings and ancillary accommodation. The planning notice appeared in the Irish Times. The application was accompanied by an Environmental Impact Statement, and the fee payable was 15,000. Prior to the planning application being lodged the proposers of the INCINERATOR consulted with Ministers McCreevey and Dempsey, Kildare County Council, officials and our local area councillors. Ordinary mortals - the community at large - were not worthy of consultation. The proposed incinerator will cater for 150,000 tones of hazardous waste and municipal solid wastes per annum. The total quantity of toxic and dangerous waste produced in Co. Kildare per annum is approx. 2,150 tones. This incinerator will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Imagine the traffic flow! If an incinerator is sited in Kilcock, we will lose our ‘green’ image. Our farmers (stud and dairy) will suffer a severe economic penalty. The reality of toxic incineration is that experienced by Mr. Hanrahan in Clonmel - the destruction of prize animals and irreparable damage to family health. Property values are already affected. Incineration is not a proven technology. High temperature incineration creates new chemical compounds - less than 10% of these have been identified - the toxicity of the other 90% is unknown. Dioxins are a group of chemicals produced by burning toxic waste - they have been proven to cause cancer. Heavy metals cannot be destroyed by incineration and will be pumped into the environment. Thermal Waste Management state that this plant will comply with the principal of ‘waste in, no waste out’ We know matter does not disappear - it changes state. Weight and volume are reduced in most cases but poisons remain. This company has the same knowledge as we have on waste incineration - they have read about it or listened to various experts. They are not and never have been actively involved in its operation. Their proposal is based on assumptions and estimates where effects on our environment and generated traffic are concerned; and on predictions with more estimates and statistical data (applicable to England or US) to assess the impact to Public Health. A mathematical model was developed to estimate exposure from incineration emissions. This is their fait accompli - a computed analysis (ideal conditions) no real practice (the reality). We are to be the guinea pigs in a very real-world scenario. Incineration brings a high return on initial investment, and is a money mint thereafter. GREED is a definite factor here. We, the community, have no vested interest, but this application affects US most profoundly. Our opposition to the INCINERATOR is total - it is an imminent threat to our health. This project must be stopped.

Helene McManus, Nth. Kildare/Sth. Meath

Alliance Against Incinerator.

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