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___________October Donadea News___________

Tir na Mona, Donadea, held their AGM on 15th September in Connelly’s of Ballagh. 

Officers Elected for 1998

Chairperson - Liam Holton

Assistant Chairperson - Carolyn O’ Gorman

Secretary - Bernadette Crean

Assistant Secretary - Catherine Leonard

Treasurer - Siobhan Harrington

Assistant Treasurer - Donacha Harrington

Pro - Catherine Leonard


Working Committees:

1. Community Alert - Chairperson - Martin Cain

2. Group Water Scheme - Chairperson - Carolyn O’ Gorman

3. Donadea Forests Development - Chairperson - Donacha Harrington


People in attendance were then Co - opted on the various groups. In all about 20 people attended the AGM. Our monthly meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of the month at 8.30pm in Connollys of Ballagh. Next meeting is on Tuesday 8th Oct. All members of the Donadea Community are welcome. Thanks to Connolly’s for the use of the lounge.

At the meeting Joan Mooney, guest speaker from North West Kildare Co. Ltd. read this little story.

"A Little Story"

This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could it, but Nobody realised that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody. When Nobody did what Anybody could have done!

Words to reflect on !!!!!!!!!


The third annual Turf Cutting Competition took place in Derry Bog on the 25th of July last. It was a surprisingly sunny day and a large gathering of both young and old witnessed a wonderful display of skill in both cutting and wheeling the turf. The main attention on course was on those cutting the turf with the hand slain. Fit and eager men sought to out-do one another in an effort to achieve the ultimate prize of Champion Cutter for ‘98.

This competition is not all that serious with much of the emphasis being on having a fun day out for family and friends. There was plenty of evidence of such fun, particularly when one attempted to wheel a barrow, full of fresh turf and to be continually bombarded by fistful of clods by some very amused onlookers. For those who didn’t want to partake in the actual cutting, oodles of tea, cakes and sandwiches were available, thanks to all the ladies (and men?!!!) who so kindly provided them.

Just as the black clouds began to gather in the distance the judges were busy swapping note in an effort to come up with an outright winner of this years competition. The winner of the Donadea Perpetual Trophy for 1998 was Charlie Tuite and a well deserving winner he was. There were no women entries to the competition surprisingly enough, but I am sure there are many capable ladies to handle the slain and hope they can rectify that next year.

Thank you Father Paul for your interesting presentation on the history of the bog, but the same cannot be said for your turf -cutting exhibit. Charlie Tuite will have to take you aside for a few lessons. But never fear Father you are not on your own. More and more will be expected to experience at first hand the joy of attempting to cut turf by hand next year, particularly the younger generation. Mick Maher did a great job in preparing the roadway on the way to the bog.

 Thank you Mick and Dessie Leary for the use of the turf bank. The big attendance on the day was most encouraging and many thanks to all other people on the fringes who made the Donadea Turf Cutting event, one not to be missed.

Pat Mcloughlin

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