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Newtown & Donadea Senior Citizens Club

Summer holidays are upon us. As we draw close to the end of our first term together, Newtown & Donadea Senior Citizens Club would like to give thanks to our generous community, without whose support we could not continue.

To give thanks to God as well as man, Fr. Paul has kindly agreed to celebrate a mass specially for our Senior Citizens in Newtown Church on Thursday 27th July at 11.00 a.m.

All Senior citizens are invited to attend, regardless of whether or not they attend the "Young at Heart Club". Light refreshments will be served in the Hall afterwards.

Ever thought you might like to call into our centre on a Thursday? Now is your chance to introduce yourself and make a date for Septenber – when we return, hopefully with new ideas and new members. If you need transport contact Marion at 045 – 869303 or Brid at 045 – 869301.

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The Turf Cutting Competition will take place on Saturday July the15th between 3 – 6pm. Experienced or new turf cutters and wheelers welcome.

An educational trip through the bog is also planned for children and adults. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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