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You will notice over the coming weeks new litter signs strategically placed in various areas which are prone to excess dumping in all forms. Our clean up has been postponed due to foot and mouth disease but that does not mean we cannot still be vigilant in our efforts to keep our countryside clean and tidy. After all, we want to enjoy it - not frown upon it.


The amount of waste we produce can be reduced through recycling. The area is served by a number of recycling facilities locally and in the nearby villages and towns.
Please continue to deposit your cans for recycling in the can bank beside Staplestown school. You can recycle batteries in the special bins in the three schools in the parish. Bottles can be recycled in the bottle banks at Dag Welds. You can purchase compost bins at a subsidised cost from Kildare County Council.
This issue has become all the more important as a site in the Drehid/Drumachon area has been identified as a possible location for a landfill waste site for Kildare. Let us show by example that waste reduction is possible.


1. Shop for the environment.
2. Cut down on packaging.
3. Buy goods and packaging that are made from recycled materials or are . recyclable.
4. Do the right thing. Recycle.
5. Buy reusable shopping bags.
6. Compost your waste and get growing.
7. Don’t tolerate litter.
8. Water is life. Think about it and conserve it.
9. Dispose of old paint and waste liquids properly. Don’t pour them down the drain.
10..Leave the car at home from time to time.
11.Save energy. Turn down and switch off.
12.. Choose energy efficient labels A and B.

For more information contact Kildare County Council or ENFO on 1890 200 191 or info@enfo.ie for a copy of their publication “Your home and the Environment

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