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Day in the Bog 2000

Saturday l6th July was an enjoyable day for over 100 people from our extended community. Josh Rose, Pat McLoughlin, Aidan Murphy, Charlie Tuite, John Ward, and Paudge Maguire had Dessie O’Leary’s turf banks cleared and ready for the event. By the time most people arrived the lark was singing in the sky and the turf fire had the kettle whistling. Josh Rose’s black “Billy can” was used as a teapot. Everyone that arrived was greeted by a cup of good strong tea from the “Billy can”. All the ladies turned up with loads of home-made scones, and combined with the tea and bog air they were delicious. A lot of the cutters arrived and put on a show for the large crowd. Josh Rose and Paudge Maguire cut with the slain. Pat McLoughlin and various people wheeled turf from the cutters in the wooden bog barrows. Thanks to Christy Kenny for recording it on video. Any visitors who wanted to try their hand at turf cuffing or wheeling were welcome to have a go. Some new talents were discovered! Pat McLoughlin and Sean Ward led a group of mostly young people through the heather to discover all the plant and creatures that live in this fascinating habitat. They gave a talk on how the bogs were formed and how important it is to preserve this limited resource from extinction in our North Kildare area. When all the turf was cut, we all went back to Roche’s pub. Thanks to Roches for the lovely sandwiches and hospitality. We announced our champion turf cutter for 2000.Once again the Roches Cup was the prize for the champion Paudge Maguire. Thank you, to all who organised this successful event.


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