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Blueberries are Good for You Blueberries are an attractive looking, easy to eat, fruit, no messy peeling or pips to extract just pop them in your mouth and experience their subtle flavour. Very refreshing! They always taste like more. That's not all; extensive research in American Universities has confirmed that they definitely are good for you. Enhancing vision, reducing eyestrain, lowering cholesterol, helping to prevent cancer and slowing down the aging process.

They are good too in a whole host of recipes, not just the Blueberry pie and Blueberry muffins dearly loved by our friends all over America. Food experts like Mike Smith from the Kildare Kitchen shows just how versatile they are by including Blueberries in his range of delicious food products at his irresistible shop in Johnstown The blueberry season is in full swing during the month of August and pickers for Larkwood Products Ltd. are busy bringing in an excellent crop of very high quality berries at their new plantation at Ballyteague.

These berries are grown on a twenty-acre bogland site that demonstrates the value of what was once considered waste ground. The plantation has been established on bog that was previously cutover for turf extraction. The ground has been prepared and planted over the last four years as a community venture managed by Larkwood Products Ltd. and sponsored by the Allenwood Community Development Association based at the Allenwood Enterprise Park. The project aims to find alternative use for Kildare's peatlands and has been strongly encouraged, supported and funded by KELT the Kildare Leader Company.

Contact Blueberries at the Allenwood Enterprise Centre, Allenwood, Co Kildare or phone Marie at 045 870804/ 870577. You can also contact by email at

10 easy step to a better environment

1. Shop for the environment. Cut down on packaging. Buy goods and packaging that are made from recycled materials or are recyclable.

2. Do the right thing. Recycle.

3. Buy reusable shopping bags.

4. Compost your organic waste.

5. Don't litter.

6. Think about water and find ways to conserve it.

7. Dispose of old paint and liquid waste properly. Don't pour them down the drain.

8. Leave the car at home from time to time.

9. Save energy, use it sparingly by switching off unnecessary lights and appliances.

10. Choose energy efficient appliances with labels A and B next time you buy.

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