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Conserving Energy

We spend millions of pounds each year on all the energy we use.  Oil, turf, coal and gas were made millions of years ago.  These are not a resource that can be be easily replaced.  Why then if we spend millions of pounds heating our homes, can't we spend a few hundred making our homes more energy efficient.

Simple attic insulation does not cost the earth but nearly half the attics in Ireland are not insulated.  The roof looses 35% of the heat if it is not insulated.   It will roughly cost a tank-full of oil to insulate an attic but the savings alone in the heating bill will more than compensate the cost.

What about the draughty front door?  20% of the heat lost from a home is through ill-fitting doors.  If you are contemplating changing the door, go for one that is strong with double glazed glass.  Make sure to fit draught excluders, if not already fitted, and make sure that the letter box is insulated also.  During the Winter it does no harm to fit a pair of heavy duty, lined curtains and be sure to close when the sun is setting.

Windows account for 20% of the heat loss in a house.  One option is to change to double glazed windows, which is extreme to say the least.  If on the other hand you are worried about heat make sure that the windows are fitting snugly and fit with draught excluders and put a heavy duty lining on the curtains as the sun sets, as this is when the house starts to loose the heat.

Finally the walls loose 25% of the heat through them.  There is no one easy solution to this problem.  One method is to pump Aero-bead balls or other products into the wall cavity.  This can only be done by qualified operators.  The second option is to stud the inside walls.  This way the insulation can be placed before the slab is nailed in place.  Either way the cost fairly substantial.  No matter what way you look at it heat loss is very substantial every Autumn, Winter and Spring and unless we insulate our homes the cost of our fuel bills will increase every year, weigh that against the cost of proper insulation and before too long the cost of that insulation will have paid for itself.

Before I finish I would like to end on a note of caution.  If we continue at the rate we are burning fossil fuels, we will leave no fossil fuels for our own children.  Then a lump of coal, or sod of turf will be classed along with the dinosaurs.

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