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April Editorial ______________ Dolores Kennedy, Chairperson


Another cleanup successfully concluded and what a load of old rubbish. Seriously, we can all be more than proud of the great effort put in by all the helpers on the day and we extend thanks to all who participated. Once again Kildare County Council have extended their help to our local community by arranging the supply and collection of the skips.
The whole community were pleased to hear that Fr. Pat is expected to return soon and we all wish him a speedy recovery and future good health.
As we go to press reports reach us of a great Easter Egg hunt held in Wright's of Coolcarrigan. The new Scouting group have been invested and we expect to hear of exciting goings on in the future. Our thanks go to those who have made this scouting venture possible and to the parents for providing their support to the enthusiastic members.
The first Tir na Mona computer course was successfully concluded recently with all participants very happy with their progress. The next course will be take place shortly. We extend our thanks to ACDAL for the use of their premises. Thanks are also extended to the course tutor who made it all so understandable.
The public meeting about the proposed super dump on our doorstep was very well attended and there was great participation from all who attended. We wait with bated breath the outcome of Kildare County Council deliberations. Please continue to support this effort until it reaches a successful conclusion.

The MONA team

N.W.K.E.P.G reveal serious concerns over Superdump site selection procedure. The Timahoe/Drehid anti dump campaigners held a public meeting in Kelly's pub Timahoe on Fri 22nd March. This was a very well attended meeting , with councillors Tony McEvoy, and Paul Kelly present. Apologies were received from many of the local politicians.

Presentations were given by James Brady and Gerry Woods of NWKEPG.

The group presented very convincing evidence highlighting that correct procedures have not been followed in the site selection process, clearly pointing out that the Timahoe/Drehid site does not satisfy many of the most important criteria laid out in EPA guidelines for selection of landfill sites. They highlighted the fact that a criteria called "acceptability" was introduced into the process, and that this was not a criteria under the EPA guidelines, nor was there any description for it in the consultants report.

Councillor McEvoy said that on this occasion, having seen the evidence presented, he was fully convinced that the proper procedures were not followed, and that it would be unjustified to choose this site based on the data presented. Councillor Paul Kelly also addressed the gathering, and stated that if the information presented was verified there would be no chance of this dump being located in Timahoe/Drehid.

The question was asked from the floor how much of our tax payers money had the council spent at this stage investigating this hole in the ground. People expressed the opinion that this money would be better spent on recycling and waste reduction activities.

Recent newspaper articles were highlighted by Gerry Woods showing the ill effects of landfill on health. A number of studies were discussed, clearly identifying links between landfills and birth defects. Clusters of these birth defects occurred in various parts of Kildare, which were all associated with landfill at some stage or other. It was very alarming to see that a particularly high concentration of these birth defects occurred close to the Silliot hill dump.

A video was shown on the night of an alternative waste management system, which had the potential to divert 90% away from landfill. James Brady, Chairman, stated that the group had presented both their concerns over the report, and the alternative, to the Clane area councilors, as well as some officials from Kildare County Council. However he said it really was a struggle to get into KCC to do this, and eventually it was really a case of getting smuggled into the Naas offices to give the presentation. He also stated that this was ironic given that other County Councils were giving open invitations to the public to come in and present ideas on how they could best deal with the waste crises. Councillor McEvoy added that it was a disgrace the way that NWKEPG were not allowed present on several occasions . He also stated that now they had done so, it seemed to have had a major impact. Tony stated that there would be no further announcements until June, and that more data collection is necessary on the Timahoe site. People expressed the opinion that this was a political tactic. James Brady addressed the meeting at the end, appealing to the people present for their financial support. James said the group were confident that they had a very strong case against this proposal and had a good team of professionals lined up, but success may well depend on how well financially armed the group become. He stated that we will all have only one chance to stop this destruction. He appealed to all clubs and community groups to row in behind NWKEPG on this issue. He stated that this proposal will effect everybody in ways that they would never imagine. The knock on effects in terms of a decline in numbers settling in the area could be detrimental to schools, GAA, and all other community groups, not to mention property devaluations. James appealed to the people to not let Timahoe be another statistic in a newspaper showing ill effects of landfill. He finished by quoting Martin Luther King:

"We will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends".

Good Luck to Jo Martin who has embarked on a 10 week Carer's Course in Naas ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Many thanks to Morna & Dolores for a very interesting and entertaining game of "Twenty Questions" (Part 1).Margaret & Pat eagerly await Part 2 !
Spy Wednesday lived up to it's name this year. An enthusiastic gardener was spied mowing the grass with gusto at 9.03 a.m. Paul was probably planning his strategies, for the return Poker game, as he zipped backwards and forwards across his lawn in Coolcarrigan !
Congratulations to Sinead Cox who is heading off on a Euro Languages French Scholarship to Multyfarnham shortly.
Good luck to all taking part in the Timahoe Drama Works juniors production of "Pinocchio" in St. Kevin's on 3rd April. The senior production of "Fiddler on the Roof" will take place in the Abbey, Clane at the end of April. Timahoe Drama Works meet every Saturday as follows: 6-8 years 2.30.p.m.to 3.30.p.m. 9-15 years 4.00.p.m. to 5.30p.m.
Birthday wishes go to: David Flaherty - Timahoe Shauna Jorden - Derry. Belated birthday wishes go to: Fiona Magan - Timahoe Eric McElwee - Derry & Paddy Magan Snr. - Timahoe.
A special birthday wish goes to Chairwoman Fiona Murphy who celebrated her birthday last week. We hope you had a good one Fiona ,from Timahoe Ladies Club. Timahoe Ladies Club meet every night at 8p.m. outside Kelly's to go walking. Any ladies who would like a walk are welcome to join them.
Timahoe Mother and Toddler group meet on Tuesday mornings from 9.30.a.m. to 12.30.p.m. in the Drama room at Elaine Kane's.
The bus to Dublin , Monday to Friday , leaves Kelly's at 11.05.a.m., Ballagh at 11.10.a.m. and Staplestown at 11.20.a.m. The return bus leaves Busaras at 3.00.p.m. Congratulations to the 22nd Kildare Scouting Unit who had their Investiture last week. It took place in Staplestown Church with Fr. O'Malley. After a short blessing it was back to St. Kevin's G.A.A. for refreshments. All 42 angels and leaders along with their parents and guests had a very enjoyable evening. The leaders would like to thank all those who made the night possible. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
The newly formed Newtown Ladies Club will be meeting in Newtown Hall at 8p.m. on Tuesday the 9th and the 23rd April. All are welcome. Come along and take this opportunity to make new friends and develop new interests. We wish Newtown Ladies Club every success in their new venture.


April: Live music by Michael Dunne. Everybody is welcome to come and enjoy the craic and sing-a-long. So tune up those voices.

May: Joe Dunne will be giving a talk on basic gardening skills; hanging baskets, flower beds, pruning techniques and answering any questions you may have regarding your gardens. We're hoping to see many more green fingers after that.

June: Vivien Ni Dhuinn will be back for Tarot Card reading for those who missed out last time.

Timahoe Ladies Club looks forward to greeting old friends and welcome new members on the first Wednesday of every month at 9 p.m. in Kelly's Bar, Timahoe.

Timahoe Ladies Club recently surveyed it's membership in order to plan their activities for the coming year. They would like to thank all those who responded. The feedback from the survey has been of great help in making an application for funding to run courses during the year. The Ladies Club has applied for funding to run an Advanced Computer Skills course and a Stress Management course. The Ladies Club is awaiting a decision on their grant application and expect to have news on these courses by September.


Applications are invited for the following part time posts:

1. Part time secretary to do general school/office duties and such other job related tasks as may be assigned by the principal and management.

  • Computer skills and a working knowledge of P.A.Y.E./P.R.S.I. essential.
  • 2. Part time caretaker to do general repairs/maintenance to the school grounds and buildings and such other job related tasks as may be assigned by the principal and management.

    * Written applications only with C.V. and references to the school *

    Closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 19th April 2002


    NEIGHBOURS! We want to alert you to the fact that there is a rash of petty thievery happening in the community at the moment. Remember to take sensible precautions against the opportunistic thief Ė Donít leave your car unlocked . Donít leave valuables in plain sight in your car. Rremember to check your doors and windows are closed when you leave the house and last thing at night. Letís watch out for each other and especially for the more vulnerable in the community. We can nip this in the bud if we are vigilant. If you see anything suspicous contact your local community alert group

    • Timahoe Paddy Maher 087-2582320
    • Coill Dubh John Roddy 860354
    • Staplestown James Egan 869564
    • Donadea Iggi Callaghan 869409 & district Donadea/ Dolores Kennedy 869206 Tiermoghan Or the Tir Na Mona office at 869977
    • Or your local Garda station or 999.


    • 12th April Anti-dump Race Night, Kelly's, Timahoe, 8.30 p.m
    • 26th April Active Age Get-together, Kelly's, Timahoe
    • 28th April Table Quiz, Kelly's, Timahoe, 9.30 p.m.

    Articles for the MONA Newsletter can now be dropped into the Tir Na Mona office at St. Kevin's G.A.A. club, Staplestown. Tel 045 69977

    If possible please supply articles on disc in Microsoft Word format. If you have an event happening during the first week of the month please let us know about it in time for the previous issue as it take approx. 10 days to produce the MONA

    If you have an article, advertisement or news item you would like to include in this newsletter, please contact:

    Staplestown Sean Flannery
    Timahoe Pat Flaherty 863701
    Coill Dubh Mary Larkin 860837
    Donadea Dolores Kennedy 869206
    Email pgmhr@indigo.ie


    The views represented in this Newsletter are not necessarily the views of the MONA committee. While every attempt is made to print factual information, we are not responsible for third party information that may be incorrect at time of going to press. Where errors occur, every attempt will be made to redress and amend. All parties have the right to reply within the MONA Newsletter.

    Thank you.


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