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__________May Editorial__________



It was with deep shock and sadness that we heard the news of the sudden death of Pat Fay. Pat as Chairman of OAK Partnership was a great help to Tir na Mona. He was a true gentleman most kind and helpful to all who had dealings with him. He was a tireless community worker in the Edenderry area being involved in the rugby club, IFA and various voluntary groups in the town. He will be sadly missed by all the local community groups in North West Kildare and East Offaly. To his wife Mary and family we extend our sincere sympathy. Ar dheis De go raibh a hanam dilis.


The pipelaying for the Donadea Timahoe Group Water Scheme has begun along the Cooltrim road. Despite the inconvience caused, it is great to know that we will soon have “mains”water connected to our houses. As more crews are put on the scheme the work will advance in the other areas also. Thanks once again to John Hennessy and Dessie O’Leary, and all the other people for all the work on putting the scheme together.

The National Spring Clean has been postponed until the autumn due to the foot and mouth situation. Kildare County Council will be offering support to community groups to do clean ups at this time The council Litter Warden patrols the area approximately once a fortnight but if you know of any black spots in your area please contact Philip Baxter @ 086 8285577

The AGM of the MONA Newsletter will take place on Thurs 31st May at 8 p.m. in the lounge in Kelly’s Bar, Timahoe. Everyone Welcome, please attend. New contributors always welcome.
The MONA team.


Bealtaine is a Celtic festival celebrating fertility and the renewal of nature. The festival was also celebrated by the Romans when the celebrated their goddess Flora. May Day was especially popular during medieval times. Activities centred around the May pole, a tree collected from the woods and brought to the village to celebrate the coming of summer. Here in parts of Ireland it was common to put up a May bush on the eve of 1st May. This bush was decorated with eggshells, blue ribbons and flowers. The eggshells could have signified Easter and the blue ribbons the colour associated with Mary the Virgin Mother. May altars were also erected in houses in honour of the Virgin Mary using lots of primroses and blossoms to decorate the altar. May can be the most beautiful month of the year with fresh blossoms, new growth in the fields, young lambs, birds busy feeding their young and the hope of the long warm summer days to come. It is also a busy time for the student preparing for exams.


When Abraham Lincoln was asked why he did not destroy his enemies he replied “If I make my enemies my friends do I not thereby destroy them?”. The art of forgiveness consists in having a humble spirit. When you forgive you change both yourself and others. You free yourself from the burden of bitterness and you loose others from the chain of guilt. Forgiveness works two ways; you must forgive in order to be forgiven. Those who cannot forgive break down the bridge over which they themselves must pass; for everybody needs to be forgiven. Forgiveness should start now. Putting it off only deepens the wound. Clinging to bitterness postpones happiness. Life is short, time is fleeting. Today is the day to forgive. Pat Ramsbottom.


17th May Public Meeting to discuss Landfill Site at Drehid, Kelly’s Bar @ 8.p.m.

20th May Car Treasure Trail starting from Kelly’s Bar, Timahoe

23rd May Final date for articles for the June issue of the MONA

25th May Table Quiz, Kelly’s Bar, Timahoe @ 9.30 p.m.

27th May IPCC Picnic at Ballynafagh Bog, 12 noon.

30th May Timahoe Active Age Group, Kelly’s Bar @ 8 p.m.

31st May MONA Newsletter AGM, Kelly’s Bar @ 8 p.m.

6th June St. Mochua Hist Soc. Trip to Ballindoolin Hse – 6.30 p.m.

7th June Timahoe Ladies Club, Kelly’s Bar @ 8 p.m.

Articles for the MONA Newsletter can now be dropped into the Tir Na Mona office at St. Kevin's G.A.A. club, Staplestown. Tel 045 869977, email tirnamon@gofree.indigo.ie

If possible please supply articles on disc in Microsoft Word format. If you have an event happening during the first week of the month please let us know about it in time for the previous issue as it take approx. 10 days to produce the MONA. The May issue was put together with the help of Aonghus Maher, Nikita Cribben, Therese Holton and Nicola Lynam.


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If you have an article, advertisement or news item you would like to include in this newsletter, please contact: Staplestown, Mary Murphy 869416, Timahoe, Pat Flaherty, 863701 Email:pgmhr@indigo.ie

The views represented in this Newsletter are not necessarily the views of the MONA committee. While every attempt is made to print factual information, we are not responsible for third party information that may be incorrect at time of going to press. Where errors occur, every attempt will be made to redress and amend. All parties have the right to reply within the MONA Newsletter.

Thank you.

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