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____________December Editorial______________

December, the month of waiting for the coming of the light of hope, after the darkest hours. We are coming to the last month of the special year 2000. We stand on the threshold of the third millennium, and with hope we move forward.
As we look back on the years events, we think of our area cleanup, when 120 people came out on the 4th of March to collect 28 tonnes of litter from our ditches. We think of the memorable Jubilee Year ceremonies in our parishes, the opening of Newtown church, and the mission in Staplestown and Cooleragh parish
There was also the success of the anti-incinerator group in Kilcock, the great summer following Kildare football, the success of Coill Dubh hurlers, the great year for Kilcock footballers, and the fine extension built by St. Kevin's G.A.A. Club.
The OAK Partnership has received an allocation of £1.8 million under the social inclusion programme of the national development plan. The funding for the period represents a significant increase for OAK and it is an endorsement of the work achieved by the Partnership since it began in 1995. The new OAK strategic plan which will be carried out over the next three years focuses on issues affecting the long-term unemployed and socially excluded in the north west Kildare, east Offaly area, including childcare, transport, and access to education, training and employment. Tir na Mona congratulates OAK on its achievements, and looks forward to working with the partnership in the future.
The Tir na Mona AGM scheduled for the 6th Nov had to be postponed until the 27th of the month due to bad weather. A new umbrella committee made up of representatives from each of the areas takes over following the AGM and we wish them every success for the year ahead. We wish our readers and advertisers a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.
Liam Holton, chairman.

If you would like to send Christmas Greetings via the internet contact Morna at the Tir na Mona office, tel 869977 by 22nd Dec. There will be no MONA in January so we will be back again with the February issue.

Are you feeling lonely? Are there days when nobody calls? Would you like to share a worry? Call The Senior Help Line 1 850 440 444 Mornings: 10.00a.m. to 1.00p.m. Evenings: 7.00p.m. to 10.00p.m. You will be talking to an older person who will welcome your call. The service is provided from anywhere in Ireland for the price of a local call.

Community & Development Notes

At this time of year we should all try to be aware of those in our community who are feeling low in themselves.
It is not enough to say prayers at mass, although I found it a great help in my illness. Feeling low can be a sign of depression. In my case I felt low and out of sorts with everything and everyone around me.
Support from family, friends and work colleagues was a great help in my illness. When we feel low or depressed our view of the world is coloured by a feeling that everything we touch turns against us. Our relationship with those nearest to us, our parents, our partners or our children , can be particularly weakened by depression. Coping skills are completely absent in the sufferers way of thought. We crave support from all those around us but feel inside that it does not touch us.
It is very hard for those who have never suffered from a long bout of depression to fully understand what it does to the sufferers self esteem.
The only thing which we can give to those who suffer from depression is total and unconditional support and love.
We must also help them to see that, no more than a broken leg , depression must be treated by professionals. We must all help to demystify the disease of depression and make it acceptable to admit in public that we suffer from the physical disease which is depression.
At any time up to 20% of the population suffers from depression. It is an illness that can affect anyone at any age, but it is an illness which many people try to hide. There is help out there, from G.P.ís, and help groups such as
AWARE (tel 01-6766166) and the
SAMARITANS (tel 045-435299 or 1850-609090) Paddy Maher.

Some other useful numbers:

Childline 1800 666666
Cherish 01 6629212 (advice, information & support for single parents)
Naas Hospital (045-897221)
Health Board (045-897001)
Drugs Information (1800-295295)
Womens Refuge (01-84223770)
Rape Crisis Centre (01-6614911) (01-6614564)
Alone (01-6791032)
A.A. (01-4538998)
Amen 046 23718 (Menís support - domestic violence)

Table of Events, in the Community

Table of Events, in the Community

7th Dec Mobile Library visits Staplestown from 11.50 -12.30pm.
7th Dec Timahoe Ladies Club, Kellyís Bar @ 9 p.m.
9th Dec St. Kevinís Social Members Draw in St Kevinís clubrooms
9th Dec Coill Dubh Residents Assoc. Draw in Kellyís Bar
10th Dec Staplestown/Cooleragh Senior Citizens Christmas Party in Toughers At 7 p.m.
16th Dec Santa arrives at Connollyís, Ballagh House @ 3 p.m.
16th Dec Staplestown Millenium Choir Christmas Celebration, St Kevins G.F.C. @ 8 p.m.
21st Dec Mobile Library visits Staplestown from 11.50 -12.30pm.
26th Dec Wren Boys concert, Donadea Forest Park @ 1.30 p.m.
31st Dec Cross Country horse event staring from St Kevinís G.F.C. @ 2 p.m

Articles for the MONA Newsletter can now be dropped into the Tir Na Mona office at St. Kevin's G.A.A. club, Staplestown.

If possible please supply articles on disc in Microsoft Word format. If you have an event happening during the first week of the month please let us know about it in time for the previous issue as it take approx. 10 days to produce the MONA.

The Oct issue was put together by Paula & Orla Kelly, Ann Marie Byrne, Therese Holton, Nicola Lynam and Hugh Maher

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Staplestown, Mary Murphy 869416,
Timahoe, Hugh Maher,
Timahoe, Sonia Higgins,
Timahoe, Bernard Owens 863676,
Coill Dubh, Rosaleen 860023 (school),
Donadea, Bernadette Crean 869118

The views represented in this Newsletter are not necessarily the views of the MONA committee. While every attempt is made to print factual information, we are not responsible for third party information that may be incorrect at time of going to press. Where errors occur, every attempt will be made to redress and amend. All parties have the right to reply within the MONA Newsletter.

Thank you.


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