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Last month we had a number of items from Coill Dubh National School. Thanks to the teachers and pupils who worked so hard. From here on in all schools will be able to submit articles, poems and stories for publication in the Newsletter. It is hoped to arrange someone from each area to collect from each school. So kids get writing and let the community see just how good you all are.

My Little Bird.

My little bird, Is on the tree.
My little bird, Sings to me.
My little bird, Built his nest.
My little bird, Has a fluffy chest.

Chloe Emmet Age 7.
Staplestown N.S.

An Adventure.

Myself and my two friends went off on an adventure. We found a
tunnel in our back garden. It looked safe enough so we went through it. At the end there was a weird and funny land. The sky was green and the grass was blue. Everybody walked upside down. There was no people, only animals. The animals could talk and said hello as we passed by. We said hello back. We played with them and lost track of time. Then in the distance I heard my mother calling, "Are you awake Brian, it is time to get up."

Brian Kenny. Aged 8.

Staplestown N.S.

I Wonder

I wonder what its like to sleep in a tree. I wonder what its like in space. I wonder what its like to run like the wind. I wonder what its like to sleep on top of the roof. But i think its fine the way I am.

Emma Kelly,
Timahoe National School

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