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_________October Kids Page_________
Q. How do you get Picachu into a bus?
A. Pokemon.

Q.Why did the dinosaur cross the road?
A. Because the chicken hadn't been invented yet.

Q. What did the fish say when he swam into the concrete wall.
A. Dam.

Thanks to Aonghus Maher for sending in these jokes.

Q. How did Noah manage in the dark?
A. He turned on the floodlights.

Q. I'd like a pet mouse for my son.
A. Sorry, we don't do swaps

Q. Why did the fans call their goalkeeper Cinderella?
A. He was always missing the ball.

There was a young man from Blackheath,
Who sat on his set of false teeth,
He jumped with a spring,
And said what a strange thing,
I've bitten myself from beneath.

Thanks to Ronan Mullally for sending in these jokes and limerick.

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