November Mona Newsletter

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Tir na Mona Community Council & neighbouring Districts Rural road & By-road Clean-up Project

Working groups from Kilmurry-Betaghstown and Kilmurry, Mount Armstrong and Painstown participated in local road clean-ups on Saturday as part of the soon to be announced Tir Na Mona residents’ project to remove litter and rubbish from the road-side verges, hedges and ditches along all roads and by-roads in the Tir Na Mona area.

Smaller working groups are being organised to begin clean-ups in each area in advance of a major community wide clean-up to be arranged over a weekend in early Spring next year.

A trailer full of rubbish was collected along the Betaghstown-Kilmurry road in less than an hour by 7 eager residents, some of whom then joined residents along the Painstown-Mount Armstrong road to gather a further 2 trailer loads by 1.30. Some of the group then went on to Donadea Forest Park to help in a clean-up of the lake organised by the Friends of the Forest group, where a large trailer of detritus ranging from park seats and signs to beer cans and bottles was removed before dark. The resultant transformation of the lake was truly amazing and very gratifying to all those who participated.

The ever busier road from Staplestown to Painstown Cross is now 99% free of litter seen and unseen and it is hoped that the County Council will take note of this effort and give serious consideration to repairing, strengthening and widening the section of that road from Mount Armstrong to Painstown where it is now virtually impossible for cars to pass each other without obliging one driver to pull in and halt. The "scissors" junction at Mount Armstrong where the Clane-Donadea road intersects the Staplestown-Painstown road is an extremely precarious one especially for motorists attempting to cross in the Staplestown-Painstown direction. Every motorist is obliged to inch ahead blindly until the front of their car is 30-50% across the junction before seeing clearly whether any traffic is approaching. Collisions frequently occur and urgent action has to be taken before a disaster occurs at the cross or along the weakened and increasingly treacherous road to Painstown.

Please remember to use the recycling facilities at Staplestown National school for your aluminium cans.

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