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______February Staplestown News_______


The mobile library will be at its usual location in Staplestown car park on Thursday 8th February and Thursday 22nd February from 11.50 - 12.30 p.m.


Temperatures were low, but the spirits were certainly high on the 16th of December as the change of venue and the ever-improving musical accompaniment made the Christmas Celebration 2000 most successful in the history of the group.
Since September the preparations were under way for the annual venture of the Staplestown Millennium Choir: Their Christmas Celebration. Usually the concert is held in Staplestown Church, but with the addition of the Greystones Orchestra and the ever-increasing attendance, a larger venue was required. St. Kevins’ GAA centre became the latest venue to hold the event.
Rehearsals for the performance began in earnest at the end of September. Each Thursday night the Church became the cradle for the new material that was to be performed in December. Soon the once a week slot became too little, and another rehearsal was required – but wasn’t it worth it! Nothing could have prepared ears for the Hallelujah Chorus performed by the Choir, as a speechless yet appreciative audience applauded the Orchestral and Choral blend of the famous piece from ‘The Messiah’. (There was one person who clapped before it was finished. Tch Tch! You know who you are…)
The awe inspiring ‘O Holy Night’ with soloist Willie Kane, as always left hands waiting to join in applause. Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without the Staplestown Choir reminder of what Christmas is all about.
Seven members of the Artane Boys band, including Raymond Dunne, who returned for his second Christmas Celebration with the Choir, joined the Greystones Orchestra, under the baton of Ronan O’Reilly with Hazel Fortune as their Leader.
St. Kevins GAA generously allowed the use of their premises, with special thanks to Pat Cox and Alice Casey for their help. The bare look of the interior was obliterated by the outstanding decoration overseen by Fidelma Palmer and Silvano Burella, with the Christmas trees provided by Coillte. The two teamed together to created a scene depicting the sight of a Christmas Night.
All of the hard work was done, as always (I’m gonna get creamed for this…) by the ‘lads’ in the choir. They’re always there when something awkward has to be done. I’m not going to name them all, you know who you are. Big thanks lads, it doesn’t go unnoticed. All this work was complimented by the lighting on the night. Planned, organised and controlled by Jim Colgan, who works with us every year. Thanks Jim, without you we’d really be in the dark! The man with the Duracell battery in his back was of course Brian Maher. Brian managed to break the audience Vow of Silence, culminating in a congregational rendition of some of the well-known Christmas pieces, such as O Come all Ye Faithful, and Hark the Herald. His introductions to each of the pieces performed by the choir added a personal touch to the evening.
Rehearsals with the ‘energetic’ Junior Choir demanded an extra pair of hands this year, in the form of Loretta Brown. We can’t tell you how she did it, but the help was much appreciated. Emer O’Carroll and Audrey Myatt provided the musical back up for rehearsals, and in Audrey’s case, on the night as well. Many thanks to you both. The event would not be possible without the support of the community, in particular our Parish Priest, Fr. Pat Ramsbottom. His unquantifiable help, encouragement and inspiration never fails to boost spirits in the group. Words can not thank you enough.
Then we get to the “driving force behind and in front of the scenes”, as Brian put it “… the name etched on everyone’s forehead – the unstoppable force…” which takes human form in Ms. Elaine Kane. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Anyone who has any association with the choir or knows anything about music and production knows how much this lady puts into every rehearsal, not to mention the show! One must question, however, her moral standing on cruelty to animals, considering the leopard skin she wore on the night - Have you no shame woman???
My only regret is my inability to join the group on the night or rehearsals during the year. I can only hope to be back (or allowed back!) next year. Having said that, being in the audience for once in four years was joy. To see the talent, charisma and potential of the group, and their leader from a perspective not looked from in a while made me realise the uniqueness of the community. They are an indescribable group of people, a privilege to work with, not to mention a joy to listen to. And to quote Brian again “long may it continue”.
As a footnote, the group always welcomes new members. So if you see yourself as a budding star of the Staplestown Millennium Choir, rehearsals take place on Thursday Evenings; 7:30pm – 8:30pm for the junior choir, and 8:30pm – 9:30 for more senior members (have to be Politically Correct about this!). If you feel like a chat before showing up, you can approach any of the members, or speak to us after 11:15am mass in Staplestown Church.
Also, I wish to apologise to anyone who finds my sarcastic style of writing insulting, it is by no means intentional. I am, at this stage, used to being sued for libel so my solicitors’ details are available from the Mona office! Finally, Happy New Year to you all on behalf of the Staplestown Millennium Choir.
Alan Brereton


One local family had an extra guest at heir table this Christmas Day as they played host to a lovely fellow from Chernobyl called Sergeui. This is the second time Sergeui stayed with the Browne family where he had a great time. Although he experienced a white “post” Christmas while here it wasn’t as cold or as in Belarus where the snow is over 5 ft deep at the moment. Diane wold like to thank all those who donated or helped to raise funds for Sergeui. One little boy had a Christmas unlike any he has had before.


For all those who enquired when the next containers are going to Chernobyl the dates are as follows: Goods including food, bed linen and medicines to be left with Anne Smyth @ 863675, Marie Reilly @ 863732 or Mary Murphy @ 869416 by 12th February.
Many thanks to all those who help in this cause – to Gwen and her “army” of blanket/sheet manufacturers; to Neil Conroy of Tesco Maynooth for his kind donation of food; to Eugene Hall for the huge amount of food he collected from various sources; to a local family for a fabulous donation of £1000; to Paddy & family in Timahoe for a very large donation of food items and to all thos who purchase a little each week to make hampers. Your help means more than thanks can ever say.



On Sunday 7th January St. Kevins held their A.G.M in the clubrooms Staplestown. Having opened the meeting before a big attendance, Chairman Pat Cox invited Fr Ramsbottom to address the meeting. Fr. Pat expressed his delight at being able to attend. He finished by saying a prayer for all deceased members and indeed all parishioners.
Secretary Alice Casey prepared a detailed report, expressing delight at being involved with St. Kevins. Chairman Pat Cox took the opportunity to thank everyone for their help and understanding in this his first year as Chairman.
Pat then announced that, having been to a number of meetings he was delighted to announce the appointment of former Kildare star, Paul McLoughlin, as our club trainer for the coming season. He especially thanked Brian 0’ Keeffe for his tremendous work through his training of St. Kevins.
Mary Reilly and Denise Cox gave a very good account of the financial position of the club. They warned against “any slackening” of fund raising efforts due to the fact that the club has, and will have, a mortgage for the next 15 years due to our new ¼ million pound Sports Hall and improvements.
The following reports were given:
First Team: - John Noone, Second Team: - Anthony Delaney, U/14 / U/16: -Danny Lane (with special mention of our double winning U/14’s and league winners U/16’s), U/13 / U/11 / U10: Frank Kilcoyne, Minor amalgamation: -Niall Carew, U21 amalgamation: - Gordon Ward.
The nomination of a player on the executive committee, by the players, was agreed. The club took the opportunity to thank the following:
Our Sponsors All referees for “putting up” with us again this year
Our gatemen, the coldest job of 2000
Our supporters and anybody who, in any way, helped in the millennium year
Pat Cox closed the meeting by wishing all a safe sporting year.
The following are our officers for 2001:
Life President: Jim Heffernan
Presidents: Fr. Ramsbottom, P.P, Séamus Russell & Andy Noone
Chairman Pat Cox Vice Chairman Martin Murray
Secretary Alice Casey
Asst. Secretary: Sarah Dunne
Joint Treasurers: Denise Cox & Mary Reilly
Joint PRO’s: Joe Fox & Sinéad Casey
Irish Officer: Sinead Cox
Co. Board Delegates: Joe Fox & Thomas Mahoney
U/age Chairman: Danny Lane
U/age Vice-Chairman: Frank Kilcoyne

Selectors for the coming year:
1st team Paul McLoughlin, John Noone & Noel Mc Cormack
2nd team: Anthony Delaney, Joe Fox
U/21 team Gordon Ward, Niall Carew Minors: Noel Mooney, Mark Fitzharris U/16 team: John Joe Cahill, John Noone
U/14 team: Frank Kilcoyne, John Casey & Mark Fitzharris

The club would like to thank Kildare footballer David Hughes for presenting our U/14 and U/l6 with their medals for their achievements throughout the year. The lads were also presented with tracksuits on the night.
We would also like to thank Michelle Lee, her dancers and their parents for the dance-a-ton held in the hall. Their efforts raised £466, this money will go towards the new sports floor which we hope to have in the hall in the coming months. Irish dancing is held in the hall every Monday night, all new dancers are always welcome.
Our Christmas Draw was held in the clubrooms on Saturday night the 9th December 2000. It was a huge success again this year; thanks goes to all who bought and who put time into selling tickets for our draw. Congratulations go to the lucky winners in this draw.
£10,000 winner Pat Mangan jnr, Timahoe
£5,000 winner Ronald & Betty Masterson c/c Denise Ccx
£1,500 winner: Sean Deane c/o Ger 0’ Brien
£1,000 winner: Pat Cosgrove, Timahoe
£500 winner Gerry Fitzharris, Gilltown
£250 winner Martin Murray, Timahoe
£250 winner Mairéad & Eamonn Dwyer, Coill Dubh
£250 winner Mary Gill, Prosperous
£250 winner John Cosgrove, Prosperous
£250 winner Brendan Byrne c/c Frank Kilcoyne


The Altar Society are holding a cake sale in the “old school” after 11.15 am Mass on Sunday 11th March. We are relying on the usual bakers to produce their confectionery delights to which we have become accustomed. Your support for this cake sale will be much appreciated. .

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