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We have set a date of Friday, the 5th May, for a Poker Classic in Kelly’s Pub, Timahoe at 9.30pm.

Tickets 20.00 - proceeds in aid of Timahoe Community meeting hou


Monthly Draw :

Results of Draw on Friday 18/2/00

1st prize: 50: Brian Mc Cardle

2nd prize: 10: Ollie Casey

3rd prize :10: Larry Mooney

4th prize :10: Kathleen O’ Neill

Results of Draw on Friday 24/3/00

1st prize: 50 :Tony Kegan

2nd prize : 10 : Kathleen Doran

3rd prize : 10 : David O Loughlin

4th prize : 10 : Molly Delaney

Next draw will be held in Peters Pub, Timahoe on Friday 21/4/00.

Table Quiz

The April Table Quiz will take place on Friday 28th April at 9 p.m. in kelly’s Bar, Timahoe. Come along, meet your friends and enjoy the craic

Timahoe Community Alert - Security for the elderly

We are delighted to let you, the community, know that to date, we have installed 20 personal security alarm systems and 42 security lights for the elderly in our area. Within the next few weeks we hope to complete this work.

Funding for this project has been grant aided by the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs as well as local fund-raising.

If there is anyone else out there who may have been inadvertently overlooked or who would now like to avail of improved security in their homes, please contact Aileen Saunders at 863517. Please remember that this scheme covers only those over the age of 65 within the Timahoe area.

Timahoe Community Council

The next meetings of the Timahoe community council will take place on Monday 10th April and Monday 27th april at 8pm in the Bord na Mona offices, Timahoe works. All are welcome to attend

ST. Mochua’s Historial Society

On Wednesday April 5th our society has organized a lecture on ‘ The Heritage of Kildare’ by Ger McCarthy, in Kelly’s Lounge. Timahoe starting at 8.30pm. All are welcome to attend.

The President’s Award


The President’s Award is a chance for young people aged 15 -25 to set a challenge for themsleves and earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award through achieving that challenge. There are four different areas of activity:

community involvement

personal skills

physical recreation

an adventurous activity

you set the challenge and decide how much time you are going to spend on it. The more effort you invest in your activity, the higher your award.

For more information on The President’s Award contact Sean Ward at 045 - 863621

Peace pest

Into my view he came
Exaggerated swagger of gaiety
Enhanced by his shortness of limb
Thickness of bone
A kind brown eye
Caught mine
And in its wake, transfixed
I wandered to him
His wide nostrils
Crinkled and trembled
Then expanded
His lips curled to reveal
Stained and yellowed teeth
Painted in a smile
He shook the mane of red
Brown hair
Cocked his tail
Passed wind and swaggered away
Swinging his wide shiny hips
Snorting, his curiosity satisfied
Stopping under a tree
He stood, out of the noon day sun
Swishing his tail
Shaking his mane
At flies and other
Pests like me
Nollaigh Ni Bhreathnach

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