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Up Our Road

The Drehid Road has reached new heights - poetically speaking. A year ago, it was a popular dumping ground for passing traffic carrying bulging black refuse sacks. Rusted washing machines, discarded bikes, dismantled toys and bits and bobs of car accessories were thoughtlessly dumped. An abandoned wheelie bin rubbed salt into the wound, peeping out of a mound of accumulated rubbish.
It wasn’t an uplifting sight….. The steep, unprotected drop wasn’t uplifting either, especially for motorists, as some discovered. Compounding this motorists’ nightmare, were the winter icy patches, which remained for days, never thawing, as the sun was unable to penetrate the dense forest and overhanging branches.
Then…. Kildare County Council and Mr. Wilson Wright combined forces and the Drehid Task Force went into action. A massive clear out, clean up operation exposed the leafy, forest floor. Trees were trimmed and hedges breasted. Two signs were erected, warning motorists that the road was liable to ice. These were coupled with anti-dumping signs. The interests of road safety and the environment had been served.
The icing on the cake came in early October, long rows of reflective markers, along the grass margins, alert drivers to the dangerously deep drop. These are so effective that, driving up the Drehid Road at night, one would be forgiven for thinking one was on a runway. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Wilson Wright, P.J. Sheridan, Michael Fitzpatrick, Philip Baxter (Litter Warden) and Kildare County Council engineer, John O’Neill, Timahoe now has its very own Highway to Heaven.
Margaret Kane.

A Poker Classic will be held in Kelly’s Lounge on Friday, Dec 1st at 9.00 p.m. Proceeds are in aid of the Timahoe Community House Building Fund. Tickets, at £20 each, are available from Pat Flaherty (860603), who is co-ordinating the event


The monthly Table Quiz takes place on the last Friday of the month as usual - 23rd November. The proceeds of this month’s quiz are in aid of the Timahoe N.S. Children’s Christmas Party. Do come along and support this worthy cause.

Well done
to the Coolearagh under 11 football team who played the semi-final on Tuesday 17th October against Killina in terrible wind and rain. Sadly the boys and girls were beaten but their spirits never dampened even though they were soaked. Well done to all the team and especially Frank Kilcoyne. From the supporters club.


Distribution of the MONA, in the Timahoe area, is being restructured in an effort to streamline and speed up delivery. The new system goes into operation this month. If you, or any of your neighbours, are experiencing difficulties obtaining a newsletter please give Pat Flaherty a call on 860603.

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