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________ November Timahoe News_______


The monthly table Quizzes have gained a momentum of their own. We now have presenters queuing up to book their slots and the schedule has been fixed for the next three months.
The October Quiz, due to be held on the last Friday as usual, has been deferred to November 2nd ,to accommodate the Poker Classic being organised by Timahoe Parents' Association.


Nov. 2nd Ger Cosgrove + Tom Fox ( The Timahoe Terrors)
Nov. 30 Patrick Curtin
Dec. No Quiz
Jan. 25 John Boylan + Billy Doran

John Roddy and Emily Cosgrove have both volunteered their services. Ger Kelly enjoyed his September debut as Quizmaster so much that he immediately enlisted for another quiz.
All our presenters during the past year were acknowledged at A.G.M.

The proceeds of the November Table Quiz have traditionally been in aid of Children's Christmas Party, in Timahoe N.S. It is a tradition we are happy to continue and are pleased that the Parents' Association have invited us to be associated with this seasonal event.


Timahoe Community Development Council are liasing with Kildare V.E.C. to provide an 8 week Course in the Spring. This Course is specially tailored to suit parents of children aged 3 years to 8 years.

  • Parents and Children's needs
  • Developing Self-esteem
  • Choosing Reading Materials
  • Child Development
  • TV. Viewing
  • Homework Help
  • Building Skills
  • Building Confidence
  • Sharing ideas
  • Having fun
The maximum number on the Course is 15. Further details will be available in the December "Mona", but if you are interested in reserving a place now, contact Margaret ( 863508).

Our very successful, first course in Personal Development is nearing its completion, and the ladies are now putting into practice what they have been learning over the last few weeks, thanks to the Co-ordinator, Mary Jo Hannah. We shall be running another set of seven classes, in January/February. Anyone who is interested in taking part can contact Pauline Finnegan on 045/ 863615, as there are still places available.
Our next monthly meeting is Thursday 1st November, in Kelly's, Timahoe when we will be deciding on our Christmas outing, which will probably be an outing with a difference. New members are very welcome.


On Wed 24th October, the members of Timahoe Community Development Council.. (long serving and newly elected)met to endorse / elect executive officers and subcommittees for 2001-2002. We wish them every success and lots of energy in the coming year.

CHAIRPERSON: Margaret Kane
SECRETARY: Mary Fallon
TREASURER: Pauline Finnegan
ASS. TREASURER: Catherine Butler
P.R.O.: Pat Flaherty
ACTIVE AGE: Margaret Kane, Shirley Higgins, Pat Flaherty, Ger Kelly
COMMUNITY HOUSE: Pat Flaherty, Mick Carroll
ENVIRONMENT & SERVICES: Shirley Higgins, Margaret Kane, Gail Maher, Catherine Butler
WOMEN' S GROUP: Mary Fallon, Pavinee Moran
TIR na MONA REPS.: Pauline Finnegan, Gail Maher, Gerry Kelly, Pavinee Moran

We regret that due to family and work commitments, Paula Mc.Evoy is stepping down from our committee this year. She has been with us since our foundation in 1997 and has enthusiastically supported our aims, and our efforts to achieve them. We hope her sabbatical will be a short one, as we will miss her greatly. Enjoy the break, Paula, but don't stay away too long.


The fourth A.G.M. of Timahoe Community Development Council was held in Kelly's Lounge, on 17th October. Colourful posters strung across the room (held in position by Ger Kelly's impressive air-conditioning system) displayed the many, many events, functions and services successfully undertaken by the committee during the past year. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these posters spoke volumes.
We were pleased to welcome so many distinguished guests: Mr. Wilson Wright, Michael Fitzpatrick, Brendan Weld, Tessie Curry, (B.R.E.D.A.) Sean Flannery (N.W. Kildare), Gerry Woods (N.W.K.E PG.), two representatives from Bus Eireann, Aileen Saunders (Credit Union), Feargal MacEoin (Tir na Mona). Indeed, the strong representation from Tir na Mona was greatly appreciated.
Apologies were received from Fr. Ramsbottom, Bernard Durkan and Gail Maher, who were unable to attend, due to prior engagements.

Pauline Finnegan presented a positive Treasurer's Report, showing a healthy balance and included a fundraising overview.

1997- 1998 3,573.18
1998-1999 5,578.38
1999-2000 7,866.10
2000-2001 13,456.66

The first ever Timahoe Active Age Report was presented by Margaret Kane, as it was only during the past year that this group was formed and has flourished. Music sessions, Table Quizzes and two fantastic summer outings were among the group's activities The people of Timahoe were acknowledged and praised for totally funding the trips and for supporting the weekly Lotto, the proceeds of which are for this newly formed group.

Pat Flaherty presented the Community House Report, outlining the progress to date and the goals to be achieved, in the coming year. She thanked all who have helped us reach this point on our journey towards building a meeting place within our own area.

The Environment & Services Report was read by Shirley Higgins. The highlight was undoubtedly the arrival of Bus Eireann to Timahoe.

Paula Mc.Evoy began her Report on the Women's Group by outlining the background of it's predecessor "The Movement" and how it's revival became renamed "Timahoe Ladies Club". The month-by-month account of their activities was impressive.

Four new members were warmly welcomed aboard the committee: Catherine Butler, Mags Dunne, Mary Fallon and Ger Kelly. Mick Carroll was welcomed back as a committee member.
Speakers from the floor congratulated the committee on a very successful year and offered their help, guidance and support.


For any committee, an A.G.M. is a pivot point a time for reporting, evaluating, reviewing and planning.
It is a time to:

  • report on it's progress
  • evaluate it's performance
  • plan it's goals for the coming year

Perhaps the most important aspect of an A.G.M. is ACCOUNTING. The committee ACCOUNTS for it's decisions, actions and finances. Timahoe Community Development Council is accountable to the people of Timahoe, the community it represents.
It was disappointing that so few of our community attended our A.G.M. To move in the direction YOU would wish, to develop Timahoe as YOU would like, we need to hear YOUR opinions, suggestions, comments and criticism. It is regrettable that more people from our community did not avail of the opportunity offered by the A.G.M. to attend and make their opinions known.


The first A.G.M. of "Kelly's Heroes" will be held In Kelly's Lounge, on Wednesday, 28th November, at 8.00 p.m. During the year 3- monthly financial statements were presented at the meetings. At the A.G.M. a Financial Report for the full year will be presented. An overview of the year's activities will be also discussed. We are delighted to report that Eithne Herbert has accepted our invitation to attend, as guest speaker. Remember to put a red ring around WEDNESDAY 28th NOVEMBER on your calendar. We need your opinions. We value your suggestions. Please attend.


An information Presentation on the Euro Change-over will be made by Karen Glennon (O.A.K.), on Wednesday, 7th November, in Kelly's Lounge, at 8.00 p.m. Resource packs will be available, provided by the Euro Change-over Board, Dublin.

This presentation is open to all who wish to attend.

The Active Age Get-Together will follow Karen's presentation, at 9.00 p.m., when we will have the chat and the craic. New members are always welcome, so encourage your friends and neighbours to come along. There will be a Raffle & Refreshments, as usual.


Don’t forget that it is up to all of us to look out for the more vulnerable in our neighbourhood. If you see something suspicious phone your local community alert contact or Paddy Maher at 086 –2582320.

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