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               Venue: Kelly’s Lounge at 9.15 p.m. on the 10th February

Dear Parents

Following a very successful year for Timahoe National School Parents Association, the committee raised in excess of £4,000, for which we thank the generous contributions from parents like yourselves, local businesses and the general community. The greater portion of this money went towards computers, printer, software and specialised software supplied to the school. The new parking facility was also part funded by the committee. We also carried out various successful functions throughout the year culminating in a very enjoyable children’s Christmas party.

We take this opportunity to thank Mick Carroll, Pat (Bunny) Mangan, Martin Murray, Declan Heffernan, Tommy Flaherty and Bobby Brogan for the work carried out at Timahoe NS and also Declan Johnson who supplied the machinery free of charge on the day and Jimmy Ginty of kcc for supplying the road works signs on the day.

Elections for committee members will take place on the night of our AGM. We hope to attract new members. We look forward to your attendance.


Claire Kelly,

secretary, Timahoe Parents Assoc.


Congratulations to the team from Timahoe NS who won the Junior section in the Coill Dubh and District Credit union Quiz on 24th January. The team, made up of Paul Moran, Aonghus Maher, Natasha Moore and Cian Bell, are through to the next round of the competition in February. We wish them the best of luck.

Congratulations to Hugh Maher and Stephen Dunne on their recent project in the Young Scientist Exhibition., The boys did a project entitled "Waste Management in the Community" which looked at how much household waste could be diverted from going to landfill by reducing, reusing and recycling. They found that over 63% of the weekly waste could be diverted form landfill! Their project shows the way we can go when everyone does their bit. Well done, boys!


Congratulations to Mikey & Yvonne on the birth of their daughter Jane and to Jane Carlisle & Trevor Harris on the birth of their son.


Dont forget that the Spring Clean-Up

will take place on March 4th - more information regarding the locations of skips & start times will be published in the Leinster Leader nearer the time. Please turn out and do your bit to keep your neighbourhood clean.


There are still some copies of the Timahoe Millennium Calendar available. Contact any member of the committee if you haven’t got one yet.


Timahoe Community Council are holding a monthly table quiz on the last Friday of each month in Kelly’s Bar, Timahoe. The first one was held on Friday 28th January and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The next one will be on Friday 25th February at 9 p.m. Everyone welcome, so come along and have some fun


Work is continuing on the provision of parking facilities at Timahoe N.S. and we hope to have it completed in the near future.


Timahoe Community Development Council are holding a Car Treasurer Hunt on Sunday 20th February starting at 2 p.m. at Kelly’s Pub, Timahoe. Entry £10 per car. Come along for the craic and a good family day out.


1st prize Hamper - Róisín Kilcoyne

2nd prize Hamper - Conor Byrne

3rd prize B. Whiskey -Joanna Ward

4th prize Box of chocolates- Peggy Delaney

5th prize tin of biscuits-Jamie Bowers

Thanks to: the Parents Association,

M.D.Y. Construction, Kellys Bar,

Brady Meats, John Heffernan Fruit + Veg and all who contributed to the prizes.


Unfortunately there have been a number of break ins in the Timahoe area in recent weeks. If you notice anything suspicious in the area please contact Paddy Maher of the Timahoe Community Alert Group at 086-2582320.



1st prize £50 - Owen Dunne

2nd prize turkey - Ann Langton

3rd prize B. Brandy - Steven Moore

4th prize B. Whiskey - Alivia Cassidy

5th prize L. Lamb - Rebbeca Breretan

6th prize £10 -Noel Aungier

7th prize £10 - Lily Fox

8th prize £10 - Jack Reilly

9th prize Tin Biscuits - Paddy Keegan.


Gerry Kelly (pub), Tommy Grogan,

M.D.Y. Construction, Noel Behan

Their support was greatly appreciated


Results of draw on Friday 21/01/00

1st prize £50 = Paul Heffernan, c/o N. Fox

2nd prize £10 = Pat Duff, c/o K. Kirk

3rd prize Laura Byrne, c/o A. Byrne

4th prize £10 John Mc Cabe, c/o K. Kirk.



Christy Maxwell’s phone call confirmed it, the weather seemed OK. for running the event in Donadea Forest Park . Christy and his son Barry set out to collect the 40 ft. covered trailer which was to be our stage. Alan Brereton arrived at 12.30 p.m. with his sound system and guitar. James Reid was laying out the cable for our power supply from St. Peter’s Church . Pat McLoughlin arrived with his car trailer, which was to act as the stairways to the stage, by 1.30 we were ready to start the show. Ciara Tuite and Henry Wright played the first set of tunes, which kicked off the event.

Brian Maher was next to arrive, and soon he had the crowd getting into the spirit of the event with Alan and Henry accompanying him. Alan, Brian and Henry formed the nucleus of the group that entertained us for the afternoon, and they really did it in style, well done lads!

Our " little wren" Kevin Doran arrived and told us all about the wren . Some unusual looking people started to arrive –they must be "Wren Boys"!

Patricia the "queen" of the "wren boys" plucked a chicken on stage, she told us that she was single and she was on the lookout for a man as well as the wren.

Patricia organised the rest of the "wren boys" chanting "the wran , the wran the king of all birds"---------etc. The crowd was almost 300 people by now, and the weather was holding up well. Dessie Marron came up and sang a couple of songs – he still sounds as good as ever! Thanks Des.

The wren at this time was flying through the forest, and the singing and storytelling was also in full flight. The crowd was singing along and people were opening up picnic boxes, and a great afternoon’s fun was in place.

Something was about to happen when the "Straw Boys" were spotted, the little wren was still enjoying his solo flight through the forest when the "wren boys" copped him. Soon the "wren boys" led by Patricia were giving the little bird chase. He looked in serious trouble as those mean bunches of "bousies" were catching up on him.

"Hurry up straw boys"! "Straw boys come quickly!" "Oh! Come quickly" - whew! They arrived in time! . The chant "straw boys are we" "straw boys are we - We’ll mind the wren", drowned out " the wren, the wren!’’, And the tussle between the "wren boys" and the "straw boys" was heating up ----the little wren nestled himself very cleverly amidst the group of "straw boys". He was now safe from the ravages of Patricia and her savage bunch of hooligans. The "straw boys" won out, and a truce was called -----The wren was safe for another year.

Something was happening which may have upset the "wren boys" rhythm. Patricia and Willy , a nasty rich "wren boy", struck up a friendship, and would you believe it?, Willy proposed to Patricia on the stage. Patricia got her bird, a fine big rooster in Willy, and Willy got his bird, a fine mature chick in Patricia. ---- So all was not lost for the "wren boys"

The evening was darkening, at 4p.m., when we ended the fun; so we packed up and left the forest to the wren and the other creatures.

The Kilmurry "straw boys" went to St. Kevin’s Clubhouse, and with Henry on guitar a mighty singsong erupted which lasted for three hours. The party moved on to Roche’s pub and another great session started up. Howard Byrne gave us a great rendition of "Paddy is not at work today",

The "wren boy’s event concluded at 10.30 p.m. As we departed Roche’s in good spirits. This was a long enjoyable day.

Special thanks to Alan and Marie Byrne, Theresa and Eileen Noone, Mary Reid and all who helped to make the straw suits. Thanks to Christy Maxwell for the trailer. Thanks to James Reid and St. Peter’s for the cable and power. Thanks to Alan Brereton for the sound and music. Thanks to Brian Maher and Henry Wright who also entertained us. Thanks to Ciara Tuite, Joe Harris, Des. Marron, Pauline Finnegan, Patsy Prendergast, Morna Hosey, Janet Colgan, the people who joined in and dressed up as "wren boys". Thanks to Coillte for use of the Park. Thanks to Bernadette Crean and a special thanks to Kevin Doran our wren, also thanks to Pat McLoughlin and Josh Rose.

Thanks to the public for your support ,over £600 was raised , which will go to Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children , and International Orphan Aid.----See you next year!.

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