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Details are being finalised for the Parenting Course, commencing mid-April, being held on Thursday nights, in Kelly's Kitchen, from 8.00 -10.00 p.m. This is a structured course, with a handbook, aimed at helping parents to guide their children through this difficult stage of their development. Places are limited to 12. Some places still remain. For further details or to book your place, ring Margaret Kane (863508)



Spirits were high leaving Kelly's at 1.00 p.m., on St. Patrick's Day.
The cold and drizzle didn't dampen the good humour of Timahoe Active Age Group, as they boarded the bus for Newbridge, to view the parade.
We acquired a prime viewing spot, right opposite the Stand and enjoyed the floats, until the rain finally drove us indoors. Suffice it to say that we had recovered from the drenching by the time we arrived…. starving… at "The Town House". We had a hard job holding Paddy Downey back from the disco music , while we were waiting for the meal…..and it was worth waiting for…… piping hot and tasty. We arrived back in Kelly's( a bit later than we had planned), to music and a warm welcome home . The shamrock was well and truly drowned then, in between the dancing and singing , although some of our more philosophical members (Fintan & Larry) had deep, meaningful discussions on history, traditions and life in general! It was a wonderful day! We missed Joe Ward, who was unwell. Hope you are feeling better Joe ! Congratulations to the Active Age Committee for organising the event. The next Get-Together will be on Wednesday 24th April.


10 enthusiastic people braved the elements on Saturday, 9th. March, to make inroads on the litter in our area. The air was crisp. The fields were white with snow. The spring sun made a weak effort to shine, and, at 11.00 a.m., the action began. Ditches, margins, hedges and roadsides were covered on foot, and although one large skip was filled to capacity, it was only the tip of the litter iceberg. Drehid and Mucklon had previously been pinpointed as being the high dumping grounds. Great praise is due to John Molloy and Gerry Woods who did trojan work tackling the mountains of rubbish on the Drehid Road. Climbing down into ditches, they pulled and hauled black refuse sacks, household goods, bottles, bags and beer cans, ferrying load after load back to the skip. When backs were breaking and legs refusing to do step-aerobics in the ditches any more, we retired to Kelly's, at Ger's invitation,for refreshments. Never did a cup of tea taste so good and the hot soup and rolls were like manna from Heaven.
We greatly appreciate the work of all who participated.
On a more depressing note, it was ironic that on the very day that the Clean-up was carried out, the Community Noticeboard, beside the school, was vandalised. It makes you stop, think ….. and wonder at the differences between people's regard for the place they live in… our community.



Table Quiz The tradition of the monthly Friday Quiz was broken, on 29th March, when "Walker's Inc." presented their questions. As the last Friday was Good Friday, the Quiz was held the night before, on Thursday.
Serious efforts to get the Quiz started on time met with a measure of success. Question 1, Round 1 was asked at 10.00 pm and it proceeded with military precision to the final question.
"Sixty Seconds" seemed to be the password!
Sixty seconds to answer the Question!
Sixty Seconds to hand up the sheets!
Sixty seconds between rounds!
If Larry Gogan ever retires, Paula McEvoy will be installed in his place as the undoubted "Sixty Second Quiz Queen". Mary Fallon calmed the pace a little when she was presenting. At one point there was a lull of 65 seconds !
It was a brilliant quiz. The questions were very varied and the scoring was consistently high, with everyone in with a winning chance. The feel-good factor was … 60!
Sincere congratulations to the winners, who, being so shy, almost remained anonymous on the night, avoiding the glare of publicity, by skipping the presentation of prizes. But everyone deserves their 15 seconds of fame, so , Bunny, Joan and Margaret, congratulations on overcoming stiff competition and winning the quiz, even if it was only by a point !
It was suggested at a recent meeting , that an "Early Bird "system be introduced at the monthly quiz. People arriving on time would be given bonus points and a head start on the latecomers ! This suggestion is being considered !


Timahoe Community Council would like to wish Ger and Breda Casy and family the very best of luck in the shop. We would encourage all the community to support local ventures such as this which enrich our community by providing much needed local services.


Don’t forget that it is up to all of us to look out for the more vulnerable in our neighbourhood. If you see something suspicious phone your local community alert contact or Paddy Maher at 086 –2582320.

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