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A public meeting of NWKEPG was held in Connolly's pub Ballagh on Thursday 21st @ 9.00pm.
This was well attended with councillors McEvoy and Fitzpatrick present. James Brady Chairman opened the meeting. Gerry Woods, P.R.O., for the group then gave a presentation. Information was presented regarding site locations and the negative impact that this super dump would have on surrounding communities. The risk to local rivers and water supplies was highlighted, and also the scenic and historical aspects to the bog, which would be destroyed forever.
Alternative enterprises for the cutaway bog were also discussed.
An alternative waste management strategy was also presented.
Some recent developments in waste separation technology were presented where toxic materials could be removed from the waste resulting in a very viable ECO friendly fuel. Many people as well as councillor Fitzpatrick showed great enthusiasm for this idea, where a waste to energy plant would be centrally located close to main sources of waste and where suitable infrastructure exists. It was suggested that the output from this could be used as a fuel in the new state of the art power plant outside Edenderry.
Councillor McEvoy stated that he would not be in favour of super dump development on any bog. John Dunne NWKEPG asked if a landfill licence was given for the bog would it mean that the Kildare County council could roam freely through the 5000 acre bog creating landfills as they pleased.
People showed great concerns about increased traffic, risk to local rivers and drinking water. The point was brought up that on one hand government agencies were spending money to preserve the bogs and in total contradiction to this they were proposing to locate a dump in a very historic bog and destroy it forever. Many people wanted to know when the final choice of site would be made. Councillor Fitzpatrick said the decision on this would be delayed until September as a result of a work backlog caused by foot and mouth disease.
Brendan Weld suggested that the group should meet the 4 Clane councilors, and all 25 councillors afterwards and present their case. Derek Tierney (Timahoe IFA) stated that the alternative waste management strategy presented sounded like a good idea and that the authorities should give it great thought before proceeding down the road of a super dump.
NWKEPG launched their Blue flag campaign on the night and many people bought
flags as well as tee-shirts.
Next public meeting of the group is in the BREDA resource center in Johnstownbridge on Thursday 5th July @ 9.00pm.


A welcome addition to the facilities in the community will be the arrival of bottle banks and can banks at Kelly's Bar, Timahoe. These recycling banks are being put in place as a result of the joint co-operation of Ger Kelly in providing the location, Rehab in providing the bins and Kildare County Council in sponsoring them. It is expected that the recycling banks will arrive around the end of July.


North West Kildare Environment Protection Group

are appealing to the Community at large for support in the campaign against the super dump in our locality. We would particularly welcome any relevant professionals to our campaign. We also need the public support be it active or financial.
Contact James Brady Chairman, 045 863553
Web site: www.esatclear.ie/~gwoods/dump

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