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Irish RallyX Championship @ Retro Mania

Irish RallyX Championship @ Retro Mania

Two days of action as part of 'Retro Mania'

The 2019 Parts for Cars Irish Rallycross Championship continues with two days of action on Saturday & Sunday July 20th & 21st as part of 'Retro Mania'.

For the first time in its History the IRX championship will include a class for Retro cars and a healthy 10 car line up has been assembled for this inaugural event.

Retro Mania also includes the Round 3 of the Drift Games Extreme Championship, a Retro Car Show, eighties and nineties music and loads more.

Classes competing

  • Supercars
  • Modified
  • Retro Rallycross
  • Production
  • Fiestas
  • Juniors
  • RX Buggies
  • Rallycars

Saturday Timetable

09.00 - Rallycross Practice Starts 

09.45 - Rallycross Practice Finishes 

10:00 - Rallycross 1st Heats 

11:00 - Rallycross 2nd Heats 

12:00 - Rallycross 3rd Heats 

12:45 - Drift Games Extreme Practice

16:00 - Drift Games Extreme Qualifying 

17:30 - Finish 

Sunday Timetable

09.00 - Rallycross Finals

10:30 - Drift Games Extreme Practice

11:45 - Rallycross Finals

13:00 - Track Walk and Cannon Run

14:15 - 18:00 Drift Games Extreme

For more info on Retro Mania Click Here

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